213 Barton Road East, Dundrum, Dublin 14 (-25k, -5.3%)

This house has come down from 475 to 450
there was a viewing on saturday and a lot of people turned up
anyone have any opinion on the house ?seemed a nice enough place / good location

is it not on a very busy corner ? you would struggle to get out of your drive on a wet Sunday afternoon with the queues for the shopping centre. the traffic noise here would be enough to put me off. nicely done by the looks of it though

This place was sale agreed previously at 420 and the sale fell through recently. EA expects to get around the same again. I really like the place and was pretty tempted to put in an offer both previously and when it came back on the market but going back to it made me remember what put me off it the first time…

  1. that road is really busy and the house is right on the roundabout so it has traffic flying blindly past it all day. If you have kids or dogs, forget about it. You’d be likely to have to back out of your drive across a busy road too (if heading towards dundrum) which I can tell you from experience is a pain in the ass when its busy.
  2. the downstairs is really nice but the upstairs is lacking a lot. Tiny bathroom and no obvious way to stick in an en suite without losing a bedroom. The two main bedrooms are sufficient but not amazing.
  3. there’s a lot of noise from the surrounding roads (on both sides of the house) which personally I would find really annoying when trying to enjoy a sunny day in that nice south-facing garden. Maybe you’d tune it out after a while or maybe it would be a constant annoyance…

All that said, the kitchen/diner/living room is pretty awesome if you enjoy open-plan living. Great space for entertaining and the glass back wall is a great feature giving lots of natural light. Good sized garage, plenty of storage and the bonus of an extra living room and two natural fires. There’s a decent sized attic too but again the upstairs layout does not led itself well to gaining access to this (to convert) without losing the small room to the front of the house. As with most older houses, it hasn’t been insulated or rewired (bar the new extension) so that would be something to consider.

It’s a shame the location kind of kills it for me cos I like the place a lot. I’d imagine it will sell quickly…


213 Barton Road East, Dundrum, Dublin 14


Seems like €200K spent on the refurb (garden enclsoure included)

Busy road, but good job on the downstairs refurb.

However as last poster said its still on the road!

I viewed this house and do not know how you think that they spent €200k on the refurb. The maximum that they spent on refurbishing in my opinion on this house is €50k. They did a good job of the single story extension out the back and the gardens do look well, but if it cost more than €50k I would be very surprised!

Don’t know about 200 but if they did that for less than 50k I’d love the name of their builder!

Please include links for all prices claimed, e.g. for 475k
webcache.googleusercontent.com/s … clnk&gl=ie

The drop is off www.daftdrop.com

Here’s the link for daftdrop.com
daftdrop.com/#!searchView?f= … alse&t=ALL


Or maybe it is a DIY job?

Went to view 213 last week. Really liked the downstairs layout but the upstairs seemed a bit squashed with a very small 4th bedroom and bathroom. Asked a friend who lives nearby what she thought of the house and she was saying that 215 (the house attached) has been unoccupied for 8/10 years as far as she knows. Looking at googlemaps now its does seem run down next door. Would this bother anyone if thinking of buying a house?

There have been recent planning permission applications for 215 (neither granted)
“Planning permission for development consisting of extensions to the rear and sides of existing house, replacement of flat roofs to existing rear extension and part of side garage with pitched and lean-to roofs, internal works including alterations to ground floor layout, new vehicle access to side of property from Ballinteer Road incorporating car parking for five vehicles with separate pedestrian access and all associated site works.”

planning.dlrcoco.ie/swiftlg/apas … ts%3C/a%3E
planning.dlrcoco.ie/swiftlg/apas … ts%3C/a%3E

Also, Google searches for “215 barton road east” throw up references to a Dental Surgery?

Thanks mambo- Hadn’t thought to look at planning. Seems the owner of 215 wanted to build an extension to convert the downstairs of the property into a dental surgury and pave the backgarden to include 5 car spaces. The owner of 213 objected and the planning was denied- Wonder has it just been unoccupied since then

Sale Agreed: myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1830135

For close to 420 or so I’m told. 417 I think. No surprise - nice house (if you can put up with the busyness of the location), or at least a nice kitchen.

Know these houses, average 1960s suburban estate. Un-refurbed in original state maybe 250k. 417k, even done up, looks like a lot to me. The cat has bounced.

What type of bounce it is nobody knows -but certainly almost any house in Dundrum is selling well this year,(save for possible insanities like Pirton house Sydenham Villas), though I still can’t get my head around the high price of apartments there. Both sale prices and rents are central Dublin levels.

Went passed this house yesterday and noticed Sold sign is now up. Still on myhome though as sale agreed. Does anyone know what it went for in the end and if it is actually sold?

Had liked this house, but was to expensive for our budget and out of curiosity would like to know how far out of our budget it went for?

Until actual figures published anything reported about prices achieved is purely rumour and gossip as is this … which is that two parties were bidding and that, as you heard, price of 417 was achieved, mainly because of quick sale, even though other party actually offered more but had property to sell.

Sold for 405k. Really missed the boat on not overstreching for this one at the time. Nothing near it’s value for sale at the moment.

propertypriceregisterireland.com … and-46619/