21A Binn Eadair View, Sutton, Dublin 13, North Dublin City

I’m hoping to buy a house in the next few months with a budget of around 250k. I’m looking at the standard 3 bed in a resonable area and would like to ideally be near the coast if possible. Anyone have any thoughts on this one or any others around the north coast that they think may be worth a look?


Issue No.1 Sewage plant - has had issues and smells - located right beside Binn Eadair

           [friendsoftheirishenvironment ... ew&id=2241](https://www.friendsoftheirishenvironment.net/paperstoday/index.php?action=view&id=2241)

Issue No.2 - Old Mc Phersons/ Crown Piant factory site behind Binn Eadair -


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Cheers Gleo for the heads up. Is there alot of anti social behaviour around the old paint factory. I did a google search and din’t find much about it.

Anyone else have any experience with this area. I have driven and walked around it during the day and it seems fairly pleasant and 220k seems a reasonable price?

I grew up close to here but haven’t lived around there for years. However, a good friend lives in Binn Eadair - dropped him home not so long ago and thought the place was very quiet, looked well kept too. (He’s happy there - has children.)
Was surprised to hear that the old paint factory wasn’t demolished years ago but I don’t think it affects Binn Eadair all that much. Can’t comment on the sewege plant but the prevailing winds would blow any bad air away from Binn Eadair. The general area is very good, close to DART, sea, beaches, Sutton Cross, Marine Hotel, Superquinn etc. St Fintans secondary school (boys) is right beside Binn Eadair so quite busy in the mornings. (Santa Sabina girls school is about a 15 minute walk from here.) Of course, Howth is only a short drive away, or one station on the DART. What else? The Elphin pub about five minutes away isn’t bad at all, theres’ a LIDL in Baldoye.

Trivia Time: Binn Eadair was bult on the grounds of a lovely old Villa that was, I think owned by the McDowell family (of Happy Ring House fame!) If I recall correctly, a legendary Grand National Winner (the horse - not the jockey) was buried in the grounds and had to be exhumed and re-located when the houses were built!

The Howth Road can be very slow at times even from Blackbanks up but HiFi says nearly all worth saying. As regards the sewage, the accident mentioned above occurred before the work was finished and there has been no problems since.

Thanks a lot for the great info including the wonderful trivia.

One of the houses is on the market for 220k which seems interesting but the estate agent says there are bids for 240 and 243. Anyone have any experience on how to handle the bidding in this case. I’d be sceptical about whether the bids exist or how serious they are but i’m not sure how best to approach a bid. Is placing a lower bid of 230k reasonable or do i have to go above the existing one? Anyone have any tips to identify how serious the bids actually are?