22 Dartmouth Square, Dublin 6 (-450k, -27.3%)

Was 1.65mm
irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 33639.html

now 1.45mm
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … agh/202251

Bennets have one up for auction on the Sq, AMV 1.2mm

On the market again, asking 1.2m
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2489574

We viewed this today.

We arrived about 40mins after viewing started but we were one of only three groups viewing at the time. Maybe there where more that had arrived and left but it felt like a bit of a poor show at the viewing.

The house its self is a fine house the bottom two floors are good but it suffers hugely from the problem with the entrance on the middle floor. The garden is disappointing as they sold the end for a big mews and it is North facing so wont get the sun after mid day.

The top floor is very disappointing, there are three small bedrooms and the master is disappointingly small as the stairs on that level is double width and the master bedroom is filled with an ensuite leaving little room for the bed and wardrobe.

I’d say this house needs about €100k to bring it up to a modern standard before you would even consider extending or modifying the rear layout.

All in all a fine house from the front, lovely area but east facing garden and very disappointing bedrooms. Could live with the issues but not for €1.2m

Wish I knew how to scan it…
This morning got a letter through my door from Sherry Fitzgerald (signed by Mark Stafford MSCSI)…

Usual market update, then “We have recently agreed a sale in Dartmouth Square in excess of the asking price and have a number of disappointed under bidders”.

Can’t wait to see the actual sale consideration get published & see if there’s truth to the statement or if it’s a little exaggerated.

Sold €1.375 million on 12-6-13