22 Monkstown Road, Monkstown (-445k, -37.2%)

Was 1195k, 975k, 895k
treesdontgrowtothesky.com/se … 0Monkstown

Now 750k

this one’s gone Sale Agreed

And it spawned the “**Is it value i see?” **thread … thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=18457

Wonder if anyone might know what was accepted? Could be quite telling …

Still on DNG and myhome myhome.ie/residential/search … EBCX370660

No floor area total :cry:

I heard that there were offers of around 450k on it.

Not sure what it eventually went for.

I don’t think this is sale agreed lads. It may have been for a minute or two, but it appears to be still for sale for €750k on both DNG and myhome.

That’s true JB. There was a sale agreed sign on it the last time I drove past, but what the fuck do they even mean anymore.

I heard similar. Monkstown should get location premium to the €500 per sq. foot rule of thumb.

500 per square foot rule of thumb? What rule is this? An average 1100sq ft 3-bed home should cost 550,000. Are you mad?

just rang DNG there and its still sale agreed according to the girl I talked to.

No. 26 - a nicer property now on at 500k. Interesting…


From the link above:

Run away screaming.