22 Newtown Avenue, Blackrock (-350k -31.8%)

Was €1.1mil
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Now €950k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/325490

A whopping 5,000sq feet makes this one €190 per sq foot.

On 0.29 of an acre.

I remember this was a refuge for homeless boys back in the eighties. Los Angeles Society Homes for Homeless boys was the charity. I knew a few of the kids who lived there. Pity it’s closed, not for lack of need I’m sure. I know nothing about the charity…seems an odd one now but thought nothing of it at the time.

I think this was a Boy’s Home until recently. I think it was a sister home of one in Dalkey opposite the side wall of Loreto as you go down Coliemore Road.

has anyone viewed this?

looks like it needs a lot of work to do anything worthwhile, the garden is very spongy and the river to the right is to shallow and traps all the rubbish.

Still showing 1.130m on Daft.

Given the work what do we think it is worth? 350? 400?

Afterall the IMF are in…

As per my recent post here…


Sherryfitz have a number of properties on daft priced incorrectly at €1.13mil for a few days but are either too slow or not bothered correcting.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/325490

I stick with the above. Money pit.

Not a bad buy at around 500k with 1% stamp. Dalis for lunch, garage - pity their is no rear access.

Listed property means whatever cash you put into the house you’ll still be stuck with too-small rooms probably.

Would LOVE to get inside though and see it - particularly the garage.

According to the agent, there is an offer of 650k on this.

:unamused: of course there is…

there ALWAYS is an offer of 650k on that property, even a year ago when I looked at it … strange that it was never taken up?

Sale agreed now:


Looks like that offer was taken up in the end. Ye of little faith! (Let’s see whether this goes through now… my own view is that sale agreed means little or nothing in this climate.)

I doubt they got 650k … but if they did, one would hope that they snapped it up …

Just noticed this on the PPR for EUR 550,000. Seems like a steal.

How much realistically would make this habitable? It has the potential to be amazing gaff.

Just noticed the back garden at the house end is very overlooked by an apartment block. That said, you could have a deck down the end overlooking the sea as long as you didn’t mind a five minute walk with your G&T from the house to get there!

I know someone renovating a pre-63 at the moment and was amazed at the value offered by the builders quote. If it carries through, I will be impressed,

Wouldn’t bother me too much, let the plebs admire my amazing garden. (Why is there no monocled smiley?)

It does! If you had the money you could make an amazing place out of it,pity it’s so near the road though.

Dragging up an old thread here…

Was just thinking about this house, doesn’t seem to have been to been touched since bought in 2012.

Wonder who is sitting on this one, counting the capital appreciation?

Has got to be worth a pretty penny these days with that garden, all 200 foot or so of it, attractive facade and 5,000sqft or so of space.

Pity to just leave it there though, it appears to be in even worse condition now, covered in graffiti and weeds growing out of the windows. Raises the question of whether we should have punitive taxes for property owners leaving houses to rot while people are crying out for places to rent and buy. Would force them to either renovate and rent or sell altogether to avoid paying the taxes.

As noted above, was operated by the Los Angeles Society (now “Home Again”) as a boys home and was known as Father Michael Sweetman House. Also as noted by another user, the sister house, which is still in operation, is 1 Tempe Terrace in Dalkey.