22 Rathdown Park, Terenure (-1250k, -40%)

“Withdrawn. Sold after auction for over 2.75m.”
Oct 2006
tribune.ie/archive/article/ … under-amv/

Now 3.1m
irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 32593.html
“AN ASKING price of €3.1 million would seem on the high side for a detached four-bedroom house in Terenure…”

Not much difference when you factor in a couple of years’ inflation. So I predict some drops before this one sells…

Now 2650,000. Not sure which starting price I should discount from?


Now 1.85m
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6w/121595

Two houses have come on the market in rathdown park in last few weeks asking ~1.5.
Has possibly given these vendors pause for thought.

That is a good chunky drop. I’d say they could get 1.5 for it today. Alot of money spent on it after it was bought in 2006 (i’ve been in it).

Its neighbour, 24, sold for 3.68M in 2007 (slightly bigger and larger garden).

Yes lots of work done but no family bathroom in a family home (!) and north facing garden.
Note they have changed estate agent.

I’d say you couldn’t.

I’d say you could get a gaf on Westminister Road on a sizeable plot for 1.5 mil today and for less again next year.

I’d say it was crazy on the way up.

I’d say it will be even crazier on the way down.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -18/344492

Not sure about today but maybe in the future per attached…

Sale agreed sign up on that house on Westminster Road!

agree re the jacks - ruined it… not sayin they did a good job on it but they certainly spent a few quid…
had a look at #27 and same thing. Loads spent on it but not a good job imo…

back garden in 22 is pretty much exactly east facing.

A full year later and still asking 1.85M

Maybe drop the million of the 1.85 and it might be approaching value.

I never saw the big attraction of D6


Daft listing entered yesterday, with a different agent.

REA Orchard
Orchard Real Estate Alliance
51 Village Court, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

Consistency in advertised price is a nice touch.

The asking price of this gaff sums up how deluded some people still are. Even at a mill it would be overpriced. Some people just do not understand the god damn awful mess the country is in - the massive fucking insane deficit we are running each year which will have to end! It appears that this is sowehow irrelevant to property prices in Rathdown :unamused:

that place has had a joint agent for years… #19 sold for over ~1.2M in the last few months (better house but needed work).

Mea culpa - first time seeing it with the second agent.

Tis a nice house all the same.