22 Shelbourne Park Mews, Ringsend (-130k, -30.6%)

(Michael Lynn’s apartment)

Was 425k

Now 335k

Now 295K

on sale at allsopp auction for min 95k. rents for around 1100a month.

I found Lynn’s name linked with Bolton Court as well.
Seems to be a lot of his property in this one.

The property is subject to a Tenancy at a rent of €900 per month.

saw this is for auction. I live in the block very close to this apartment and have seen interior. It appears to be in a right state with damp. Worse than my own and I have spent a very large amount of money (tens of thousands!!!) trying to resolve damp problem in my own to no avail. As a public service I would recommend avoiding.

I have also been told there is a huge arrears of management fees owed on the property from the Lynn days which any new owner would have to clear to complete sale… Mr Lynn strikes again!!!