22 Upper Oriel Street, Spencer Dock (-201k, -40%)

Was 500k then 480k


Now 440k


Spencer Dock? Hmmmm…

I’m seeing more and more ads like this one, where they advertise that the price has dropped by so many thousands.

Reinforces my opinion that a lot of these “price drops” are in fact gimmicks i.e. they deliberately overprice the house so they can “reduce” it later and make people feel they’re getting a bargain that they can brag to their friends about…I know of at least 1 case personally where this has happened. Not sure if every EA is adopting this tatic though.

Funny how things change! Last year the EA would have said “Buy now before the price rises any further!”, now they appear to be saying “Buy now before the price reduction creates more interest!” :slight_smile:

They are actually saying…


Well the first 20k drop didn’t get them hooked, lets see how this one works out.

And if you’re right, then Jim Miley just lost the best marketing tool he ever had.

Now 420k


Still in the same neighbourhood.


This street is the absolute epicentre of the Dublin Sherriff street feud.

Half of your neighbours want to kill the other half.

Unless you are from sherrif street area buying this house is kamikaze.

This house has no value unless you are from the Sherriff street or inner city area.

I have no prejudice, living in the inner city North side in Dublin for ten years and can assure anyone that that address is probably the toughest in dublinn.

That price is absolute and utter cloud cuckoo land.

Anyone paying more than 50k is deluded.

still at 420k but region 420

spitting distance from yesterdays murder

don’t think someone earning 100k is going to pay 4 times income to live here

They are if they like smack, coke, e, acid, crystal meth or crack. All are available wholesale within 20 metres.

…but the local is a fine establishment… if you’re an alsatian :nin


One of the scariest pubs in Dublin.

unless you are a local you have no business in there

no passing trade whatsoever… 200m from the centre of the IFSC… :laughing:

In Estate Agent jargon:
“A host of close by entertainment and leisure amenities”

Hi Bogman,

Sorry to drag up an old thread, but this is what you said in June…


You still stand by that?

Noctors is fine and I have no problem with the place.
I’d go in there no problem, at any time.

Some people are awful prissy.
You’d swear every 3rd person who walks through the door gets their head blown off the way some people carry on.

Now 380k