22a St Patrick's Cottages, Rathfarnham

22a st Patrick’s cottages myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 4/1795673; anyone see this one any thoughts on area etc

Did you mean myhome.ie/residential/brochure/22a-st-patrick-s-cottages-rathfarnham-dublin-14/1795673?
Your link is broken.

Yes that’s the one sorry about the link

Hi Orlagh1, was wondering had you been to view this property yet? A quick street view shows me a laneway running beside it and also its beside Tara Hill, which i dont know to much about but after googling, wouldn’t have me jumping with excitement… :frowning:

Grew up in this area, and Tara Hill was definitely the most disadvantaged estate for miles around. That was 20 years ago, however, and I’ve no idea what it is like these days.

I think they need to reduce their price accrodingly - recent 3-bed detached in Rathfarnham went in the allsop auction for €220k!

This has 2 small bedrooms and as other posters say very close to Tara Hill which isn’t the most desirable of places to live beside…