23 Beaumont Drive, Churchtown, Dublin 14 (-90k, -22%)

Was €409,950
webcache.googleusercontent.com/s … 14&ct=clnk

Now €369,950
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -14/393605

East Nutgrove. Shockingly expensive IMO.

Now 319,950

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -14/393605

I’m not from that part of town but used to work in Dundrum village. What’s wrong with East Nutgrove? Genuine question. Churchtown Road always looked alright to me.

I was trying to point up the subtle difference between this location - I termed it East Nutgrove - and “Churchtown”. IMO this (specific) location is an extension of the housing you find in Holylands, along Nutgrove Avenue and behind Nutgrove shopping centre, rather than the type of middle class housing you see along the Churchtown Road and environs.

If I had to draw a line around this area, I’d say it is south of Nutgrove Avenue to the East of the Grange Road, bounded on the South by Barton Road and on the East by Beaumont Avenue, which would include this little enclave. Excluded would be estates off the Grange Road, which are nominally in this area I’m taking about but are really “off Grange Road” rather than “off Nutgrove Avenue”, if you get my meaning. If you look at the map there’s a discernible rectangle of housing in this area I identify that would be considered less than classic middle class South Dublin.

I’m not making a value judgement here fwiw, rather trying to comment on the way the market will see it in terms of pricing.

Thanks Larry

Now €269,950

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -14/393605

Seems like a tactic to try to get a number of people interested to bid the price up a bit - brave move if that’s the case!