23 Clonfadda Wood, Blackrock (-1505k, -65.4%)

Was 2,300,000


Now 2,000,000


down to 1,850,000

(-450k, -19.6%)

Now one mill, so -1.3m or -56%


No. 24 sold for 2.5M in 2006 … =firefox-a

Built in 1997

guide price for number 16 in 2001 was €850k

irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 00164.html

Sq. Metres: 171 (Sq. Feet: 1840.63) @ €1m

€5,848 per sq m


€543 per sq ft

From Mar 2009:

Two years on, they’ve knocked a mere 100k off.

Now 900k
196 Sq. Metres (2,110 Sq. Feet)
€426/sq foot

Back in 2009 there were at least two or three similar houses for sale in the estate, e.g. irishpropertywatch.com/…389697&Site=daft

By the way, from the estate agent’s blurb:


Google Earth shows the property has a NORTH westerly orientation. A common estate agent move but the bad orientation would rule it out for me and many other prospective buyers anyway, even if it were priced more realistically.

Always a chaser, never a catcher.
Would it would even achieve €650k today ?

I think it might fetch as much as €700k or even a little higher.

The apparently good location is detracted from by being stuck in the back end of an estate - a gated one at that, adding to the inconvenience - but overall it’s not a bad location, 15 mins walk to Blackrock village and 10 mins walk to N11 bus stops. The house itself (interior) looks good although most people buying a house in this bracket will want a more modern, large open-plan style kitchen which would require remodelling and possible extension. But the orientation is poor and the rear garden is also overshadowed by neighbouring trees. There is no proper front garden, just a parking bay and a strip of greenery.

Overall a good house with many attendant drawbacks. Without these drawbacks it would contend to sell for around €800k, but with them my money is on €700k. Mind you, this means that they only need to drop the asking by €100k or a little more before they might get the right knid of offer coming their way.

Not entirely like-for-like, but this one has been on the market for some months at €494,950 suggesting it could well be in the €420k - €450k price region.

The photos probably don’t do it much justice.
I’ve actually let one of the neighbours and they are not half bad at all.

Would have no problem living there myself.


That orientation wouldn’t bother me too much. Garden is big enough for sun somewhere any time throughout the day. Would suffice for afternoon BBQ’s!

That’s the big problem right there. All that space and lovely interior and no “family room”. The neighbours put on an extension which, if you were to do the same, would admittedly eat into your garden.

For me, that prospect of eating into the garden brings us right back to this house’s Achilles heel, which is its poor orientation. What little light the garden would be mostly at the end away from the house; the rear of the house would get no direct sun until mid-afternoon in the summer and even later - if at all - in the autumn, winter and spring. The last thing you’d want to have to do would be to extend into the modestly-sized garden. Pity, as it actually looks like a very nice house.

Now down to €795k, €376 per sqft

That’s actually starting to get close to the right price for selling this house, this season. In spite of the disadvantages I pointed out, it’s a lot of house, and pretty good relative to what else can be found in that area these days.

I might surprise myself and go and see it (instead of forming a view based purely on the photos and Google Earth) - especially bearing in mind what mr_anderson said:

Indeed. The photos are all stretched out of proportion, making each room look like it’s smaller (but taller) than it actually is. For a €795k house you would expect better from the EA. D’oh! XX

Now €775k.

€367 per square foot.

With an opening viewing… OPEN VIEW SAT 10th MARCH 12:30pm - 1:00pm
I always wonder if thats a sign that not many are making appointments to view it… ?



Is a c2.5% reduction after 6 months going to make that much of a difference ?

Or it could just be a sign that they’re sick of people making random appointments and are hoping to get a load of them through together.

Open viewing must have worked its sale agreed: myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1495004