23 Lanesville, Monkstown (-365k, -39.5%)

Was previously asking 925k
dng.ie/proppdf/Dun%20Laoghai … 204PA4.pdf
Not sure when, but it was for sale in 2012
independent.ie/lifestyle/pro … 50234.html

No sale recorded in the property price register.

Now asking 625k
daft.ie/sales/23-lanesville- … 0589/&ea=1

What kind of area is lanesville like? Why the 300k grand drop?

It’s not the best part of Monkstown is the answer (and quite close to the* worst *part.)

Reduced to 560k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2804126

Nice house but not particularly huge, and what is the parking like? On-street?

The wide angle photos are actually making me woozy