23 Oldbawn Avenue, Oldbawn (-70k, -14.9%)

Was 470k then 450k according to


Now 429,950


Now a snip at £399,950


That’s a 15% drop in total

Under 400K is a major psychological barrier to breach in that part of Tallaghtfornia. Very interesting…

Sale agreed according to these guys:

No price listed.

And there I was thinking we were in a property crash where no one could buy…humm, must be all the demand that’s still out there.

Wonder how many people were actually interested in the place, and are left still sitting on the fence because they were waiting for the price to fall further? With all the doom-and-gloom, God knows what price they were being led into believing it would fall to.

Ah sure don’t worry, won’t it be e100k cheaper next year! :unamused:

You’re dead right C&B. Every time a house is sold a thousand hearts are broken.

God only knows when we’ll see another 3 bed on the market. Perhaps not in our lifetime.

By a stroke of luck the Myhome map shows four highly similar 3 bed semids for sale on adjacent roads for 395k, 405k, 429k, and 450k respectively.