23 Temple Gardens, Rathmines

Here is a one for sale on one of Dublin’s most prestigious roads that don’t come up often. But 3.45M for a 3200 sqft semi-d in knack condition seems very optimistic despite its address.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2489251

No offence to Temple Gardens, but a 140ft garden does not a €3.5m house make, which is the thought process behind this. Temple Gardens was always firmly behind Ailesbury Road and other premier roads, while this house is now pricing itself up there with Shrewsbury Road.

Coolbeg, Shrewsbury Road made €1100/sqft when it sold a couple of months ago (€4.4m) and it came with c. 0.5 acre of gardens, compared to the 0.28 acres with the house priced at c. €1050/sqft here at Temple Gardens.

People talk about the €9m that 1 Temple Gardens made in 2006, but in all fairness that was bought with property money, which was practically monopoly money so it is irrelevant and hardly worth speaking of. The buyer was involved in several property development companies and property-related companies such as windows production/sales. Obviously I couldn’t care less about how anybody gets their money or how they spend it and I’m sure the buyer worked hard for everything they have, but large-scale property developers were never afraid of grossly overpaying for whatever they set their eyes on and cheap money was thrown at them by the banks to do so.

As for them not coming up so often, I agree that they don’t, but at the same time it’s not like they’re never available. I count 22 houses on the street, excluding the one split into two apartments intersecting with Merton Road, and 5 houses have been up for sale on the open market in the last 10 years, almost a quarter of the street. Plenty houses on a street like this would be sold privately, off-market and its possible that others have in the last 10 years.

In 2003, probably the finest house on the road sold for €4,500,000. It was a detached two-storey home (not two-storey over basement which I deem this house to be) with a larger south facing garden than 23 has. The 3630sqft house didn’t make it to the open market, but I believe it was in very good condition throughout, it just would have benefited from a kitchen extension, which the buyers went ahead with. The sellers bought a semi on Ailesbury Road with a north facing garden for a sum believed to be €6,500,000 and I think this house also required plenty of work at that price. That should put the two roads in comparison with each other when one is willing to sell the best house on Temple Gardens to purchase a do-er upper on Ailesbury that is a semi and has a N facing garden and pay 50% extra to do so. I wrote a little about it in a blog post last year: dublinestates.blogspot.ie/2012/0 … lin-4.html

23 Temple Gardens is nice, don’t get me wrong, but it needs total redecoration and extension at ground (basement) floor level. On top of that it is a semi, not detached. For me, the attraction to Temple Gardens is the detached two-storey layout, which this doesn’t have. The house will have to be seriously re-worked to make the basement kitchen look nice, that isn’t a problem one would have with the other superior detached houses on the street. Big selling point will be the long, south facing garden which is probably what has inspired them to ask this price as it seems to be the highest priority on peoples’ lists these days.

Sellers of this, by the way, are Liz O’Donnell, the former Progressive Democrats TD, and her husband, Michael Carson (Senior Counsel). They bought the property in 1995 for £570,000, setting a record on the road.

It is lovely though :slight_smile:

Are u talkin or are u buyin? Its lovely till its ur 3.5 mil, then youll be like ‘ive got 3.5 mil! Theres no way im blowin it on a gaff in rathmines. Its time to make an industry out of cocaine n hookers!’

I’m talkin… Its a lovely house I dont have 3.5m so i’m not in the running so I dont have to worry WIW


I have garden envy :slight_smile:

You would really want to have that SPECIFIC house, given some of the amazing houses out there for between 1-2 million.
Take these two :

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1615310

Or this Georgian Villa in Rathgar which I think is one of the nicest in Dublin on sale:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2330334

After looking at these I would be thinking of one of them and keeping a cool million and a half in my pocket.

Or, if I was going to blow 3 million, then here : myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/1934255
Might as well go for a fantastic house rather than a semi D in rathmines.
That rathmines price is idiotic.


So what is a more realistic price? It definitely needs work.

3.5 million for a semi-d - great value.

Great house, spoilt by lack of good taste in flooring.

This one round the corner too myhome.ie/residential/brochure/18-temple-villas-rathmines-dublin-6/2489375

It is a lovely house, and on a very nice quite road, For many I would guess this would be a first choice place to live , but unlike other houses on Temple Gardens this is semi detached. As SoCoDu pointed out it is priced the same per sqft as a period detached house on Shrewbury. Surly this house would set a record since the register started monitoring prices in 2010 for a non detached house if it did sell for 3.45m?

The garden on the St Peter’s Ailesbury Road house was cut to bits and sold for an overlooking apartment block and is now smallish and well, sorry to say, u-g-l-y.

Off the top of my head, there were definitely two semi’s on Ailesbury and two semi’s on Shrewsbury that broke this price, and probably many more. There’s been a lot of movement on those two roads. If it gets asking, I’d imagine it could be a record for D6 though, I can’t think of a bigger sale. Ashgrove House on Highfield Road made over €3m, but can’t think of any others right now.

Just saw on the register that an end of terrace house around the corner, 16 Temple villas sold for 3.45m last year. Very surprised that non detached houses were hitting these prices these days.

Something about strange/fishy about that one. Was never on the open market and is most definitely inferior to no. 9 that was detached and only made €2.8m in the same month, and was on the open market for anybody to bid on. myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1829170

Sorry that comparison is not valid – 9 Temple Villas had been destroyed by an overenthusiastic attempt at Celtic Bling whereas 16 Temple Villas was in superb shape, so it got more even though end-of-terrace versus detached should have made 9 more pricey than 16. In 9 the previous owners had cut a corner out of each bedroom and shoved in a “bathroom” so that each bedroom was “en suite”. Yuck.

I think it’s no 9 that is undergoing huge renovation at the moment…and has been for months.

Huh? They didn’t “cut a corner” out of anything. The layout of No. 9 was horrific before it underwent refurbishment in the mid noughties. There were nine bedrooms, ten including the one at hall level and only two bathrooms. They made four nice bedrooms on the first floor and provided en suite bathrooms for each bedroom, which is a huge plus as far as I’m concerned. On the second floor, they gave the bedroom that didn’t already have a bathroom adjoining an ensuite and turned the other bathroom up there into an ensuite for the other bedroom. Yes, I agree that the kitchen extension is a bit over the top, but anybody buying a house like this will be adding a large kitchen extension, and they are very rarely sympathetic in design. The exterior of the extension doesn’t sit that well with the house, but in twenty years time the flat roofed copper extensions everybody else is putting on wont sit well either, so I would reckon this is the lesser of two evils. Other than the kitchen, they did a great job with the house in my opinion and the kitchen is fine, just not my taste, but could be somebody else’s. I don’t see how the renovation could be deemed as ‘Celtic Tiger Bling’ when the owners clearly went to great lengths to bring the house, bar the kitchen, back to its original glory. The state of this house before they renovated was beyond comprehension, it was absolutely destroyed and the inside looked like an extremely run down council house. There wasn’t a bit of coving in sight, there was a terrible single storey rear extension and every room looked fit to be bulldozed. I’m sure it would have been a lot easier and cheaper to knock it and rebuild. The then owners did a truly magnificent job bringing the house to the state it is in now. You can be sure that along with practically reconstructing the whole house, they would have repointed the brick and re-did all the plumbing, electrics, etc. It is practically a new house. Whether you appreciate improved sanitary conditions or not aside, the house is probably the best on Temple Villas. You can remove ensuites if you don’t like them and add space to the bedrooms. You can also change a kitchen extension if you don’t like it. You can’t make a semi-d detached. It is the only detached period home on Temple Villas, the garden is west facing and to me it is probably the best house on Temple Villas.

No 9 was owned for years by the Medical Missionaries of Mary. It was essentially a convent.