23 The Boulevard, Tyrrelstown (-49k, -12.6%)

Old Price

New Price

Now 365,000


Now 340k

This place has always interested me. A 5 bed in Dublin for 340k. What’s so bad about Tyrrelstown ? I drove around there a few months back to pick something up and it looked just like a mass of housing in the middle of nowhere. Other than that it looked fine.

Seems to have been up on Daft since the 1st week in March, so 8 months on the market. If a place like this near enough to Dublin (at a reasonable price) cant sell, then what hope is there for similarly priced houses in commuter towns in Laois, Carlow, Louth etc…, which are all only 50 minutes from Dublin (at 3am doing 120 km/h).

I wonder if this is a flipper, distinct lack of furniture there though the kitchen looks in good nick and pwo…

Maybe in this particular case they can drop their price so much as long as they make a profit on what they bought it for years ago.


This is on the same road for 40k more

The other still looks like it hasn’t moved…

If I’m correct

daft.ie/searchsale.daft?sear … d=258023&s[agent_id]=3062&s[p]=tpqrpyxu

sale agreed 380!!!

And the original sold later at region 340!!!

SALE AGREED Date Agreed: 30 November 2007