24 Ticknock Way, Sandyford (-100k, -16%)

Was 629,950


Now 529,950


Still ridiculous.

Always one step ahead :frowning:

When ever I find a good one you’ve already spotted it!!

You’re too fast for me these days :laughing:

Hey! I was out boozing last night. You should have been all over it like a rash.

Castles are one of the best estate agents in the business.
Sharp (in a good way).
Whilst other agents are slow, embarrassed, or simply dont know how to do it, Castles get deep and effective price reductions.

And no, I dont work for them.

I’d have to agree, I’ve seen them shift houses quickly while others languished on the same street with gradual price cuts.
They’ve seem to price their properties close to the market.