25 Carnew Street, Stoneybatter (-225k, -45%)

Was 500k then 480k according to

Trees don’t grow to the sky…

Now 450k


I can’t imagine that anyone would have paid close to 450k for this at the top of the market, nevermind 18 months later.

Funny i can recall folk saying the very same thing about the property bubble in the UK in 1990/1991.

Now 425,000

propertyteam.ie/searchsale.asp?a … &id=323145

And according to today’s Irish Times (8th Jan 2008) page 17 this little beauty was the property of Michael Lynn, and probably belongs to about 8 banks now.

Now 360k

No. 23 is down from 460k to 395k

No. 28 is sale agreed, price quoted is 465k
Wonder how long before that one is back on the market?!

Now 275k


Half a million they were looking for this. Mind you, 275k isn’t much less ridiculous.