25 Grosvenor Place


This is an interesting one, last sold for 1.2M in 2016 and now for sale at 1.15M.

Interesting to compare it with #19 for sale at 1.25M (link)

Number 19 seems like good value for the area, particularly as it sold for 1.2M 4 years ago. Perhaps the agents are pricing it low to get the bidding going?


Or perhaps house prices are going south…


Is that the extent of your vocabulary?


I just love to wind you up


That’s at least three new words, and some love, progress :heart_eyes::clap::clap:


Prices in Dublin 6 for that segment of the market are down (granted it’s not a bungalow):

There’s only one way to find out what type of bids they are willing to accept!


The Red Sea!


Sold for 1.3 - so much for the red sea!