25 Marian Park, Rathfarnham (-415k, -58.5%)

Was 709,950:

Now 649,950:


EDIT - Oct 8th - unavailable

After 18 months

Now 550k


2 years later

Now 399,950


This is a very good part of Rathfarnham. No internal photos of the house so it may need work, but seeing that “3” number at the start of the price is still very startling to me for this area.

I think in Summer '06 this house would have achieved the €700k they were looking for in Summer '07, meaning we are in the ballpark of 50% falls assuming this now goes in the 350ish range.

Also, there are worse houses in nearby Ballyboden, Ballycullen and Knocklyon looking for more than this and those are significantly inferior areas. This one here seems to be a bit of a bar-setter in my opinion.

Still up at 550K with Orchard - 399,950 with Castles

Now 379,950

Even allowing that this place might need serious work, it is still potentially a great house, has some character unlike modern shoebox estates, is a decent size and is in one of the nicer parts of south-west Dublin. At asking €379,000, it does make me wonder about those below, which I have chosen because they are all in nearby but less desirable locations or have fewer rooms or otherwise appear to be less substantial properties:

A 1 bed apartment nearby at €295,000

Also close, in one of the new estates off Stocking Lane, a 3-bed asking €399,000

And another 3-bed in Stocking Lane sale agreed at €375,000

A modest 3-bed in another modest estate in Knocklyon asking €515,000(!!)

A 2-bed apartment again in the same Knoclyon area (not nearly as nice as Marian) at €395,000

And another 2-bed apartment in Knocklyon, €365,000

If the main house in this thread is asking €379,000, it is my opinion that not one of the prices above is within 30% of being correct. It is hard to imagine what state or layout the Marian house could be in that it would negate this view.

The market is still insane and illogical and hopelessly broken if a 3 bed semi-d in Marian is CHEAPER than a 2 bed apartment in Knocklyon.

It’s quite a bit more expensive per sq ft than this one; viewtopic.php?f=23&t=19054

I know Ballyroan Rd is the busier road, but it is in reasonable condition.


Also advertised here at 500k. There are a few (very poor quality) photos in this ad.

Please avoid superfluous comment and stick to price drops only people.

Great to see after getting no interest in the asking price of €379k the price has now INCREASED to €419,950. With 6 Marian Road (www.daft.ie/1433870) now having gone sale agreed yesterday in around €400k mark this latest move makes no sense at all!!

They’ve probably gotten an offer €40k below asking, so they’ve decided to put the asking price up by €40k, so the next time they get an offer of €40k below asking it will be for what they want. :angry:

I viewed this property before it was price increased, it did require alot of upgrading but it ticked alot of the boxes at that price, the one thing that put me off was the adjoining neighbours house, loud music XD , broken windows that looked like they were broken for quite some time, very rare for such a nice area…there were offers on it then if you were to believe the EA, not sure what is going on now maybe the neighbours have moved on therefore increasing the value again…

this is a price drop thread folks, not a discussion on the neighbourhood

Having viewed the house at 379k, thinking it did need some renovation, and now seeing it has gone up an incredible 40k, even though we are still in the depths of a recession, one would question is it the beginning of a new craze of greedy auctioneers?

Now 350k
€260/sq foot

Its not a fair square foot comparison. There’s been a garage conversion.
Really its a 1100 sq ft house. Old with no ensuites.

These are unusual houses. Why is one window on the second level above the other - is it a window on the stairs?

These were nicer houses before the Hallmark site got redeveloped and houses got built right up to the backgarden wall of this one I’d say.

This 2 bed apt is only over the backwall and is 325k asking

And this one is 250k

seems to have dropped to 325k from 350 since yesterday.

most likely facing stiff competition from the neighbouring property that’s ready to go @ 350.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1282552

despite the good area, 25 and its neighbour share an awkward site that crimped their rear gardens to triangular slices that would restrict the appeal heavily for a family buyer

now sale agreed

Surprise, surprise… For Sale… Again…

Is anyone else noticing a trend with this particular EA?

I have been searching, viewing and actively bidding since Feb this year. Everytime we offer, at least two other bidders materialise and outbid us. Everytime we’ve stuck to our guns and a few weeks later the EA are ringing saying the purchase fell through?

This has happened to us 5 times, twice with the same house, and the EA has rebuked our offer with replies like ‘you know this house went for 400k last year?’ It didn’t go for anything!! No one bought it!! You mean you had it up for sale at this price, at one point!? And in anyway, that’s not even near the asking price now!! €325k

I don’t know, do owners/sellers know at all what is going on? Are our offers even being taken to them? Its very frustrating.

This particular EA has been the worst offender in my experience. But they all seem totally disinterested.