25 Sandycove Road, Sandycove (-1010k, -56.3%)

Was 1795k, 1450k
treesdontgrowtothesky.com/se … 0Sandycove

Now 995k


No parking though. Probably the reason for it and Peter Cavistons 3500 Sqft victorian terrace down the road for 1.2m.

Anyone hazard a guess at what this might really be worth? €800k? €850k?


Puts nairn cottage under pressure

2 bed half the square footage at 815K

I’ve noticed some of the biggest drops are in areas/for houses without parking. For example lots of houses in Ranelagh have huge drops compared to some other areas. People were willing to put up with lack of parking/gardens etc when they thought they could move on and make a profit in a couple of years time. Now people will only buy if its a house they intend to be in long-term.

I think they’d probably get 880k for this now but about 750k - 800k by the end of the year

Now €785,000 with SherryFitz


Looks to have been repainted etc. since the DNG brochure
dng.ie/proppdf/Dun%20Laoghai … e-8PA4.pdf

Now 725k or c.380 p.s.f.

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It’s got quite a nice finish but the garden is a little cramped. There is a parking space to the rear but it’s beside someone else’s house - they have a letter from the previous owners to say they’ve always parked there but i’m not sure if squatters rights apply to parking and I doubt they are transferrable?

Saw this ages ago. Garden cramped and you’d probably get hit with a tennis ball from sandycove tennis club behind the house :wink: . When I walked down the laneway where you would park your car, the truck from Buckleys auctioneers was unloading furniture so you could easily be stuck behind their truck trying to get out of your own house. Nice house, just not suitable if you have active kids or a car.


Nice gaff and nice refurb. Way overpriced though

Are they planning another remake of The Thomas Crown Affair with the chess set by the (photo shopped) open fire?

They’ve done a great job. Loving Pic 5 layout.

Can see this selling soon

I disagree with that. The current owners are apparently selling because they are looking for more outdoor space for their kids, which highlight’s the problem with this house. The small & overlooked garden and parking issues make this a starter home rather than something you’d feel comfortable living in forever. But for 725k I would certainly want a live in forever house, and this just isn’t one.

42 Sandycove Road, which is directly across the road, (viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5191) has a massive garden and proper off street parking to the rear - it was asking 635k when it sold last year so I believe there is at least one more price drop for number 25.

I also not that keen on the downstairs layout - they’ve split the open plan kitchen area into a small cooking area as well as a TV/living room and a dining room… but they already have a sitting room and a dining room so now they have two of each.

Don’t think 42 ever sold

I think it’s gorgeous. I’d put up with the flaws - who needs a garden when the sea is on your doorstep?

42 definitely sold and the previous owners have moved out. I heard via the neighbors that an elderly couple bought it, dunno why they’re renting it out.

Small feckin’ kids unless you want to be looking over your Sunday Business Post every 5 seconds to see they haven’t run under a truck or flung themselves off the steps down the rocks!

Ah, though to be fair, a small (south-facing) garden is fine when there are a bunch of outdoor options on your doorstep.

The thing is I can’t look at a property like this without thinking (1) terraced?, and (2) OLD and potentially a world of future pain.

Sold for €650k

650 was for sandycove ave west

This is back on at 995k, didn’t sell in 2012.

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