250 cars will be sold without a reserve

independent.ie/national-news … 00650.html

Does that quash the rumour that a phoenix company was to rise from that group?

Anyone know where the auction will be?



Did anyone go to this? Was there any bargains to be had?

Rescheduled to 23 Jan due to inclement weather.

Darn, Cant make that one either!

Has anyone been to an auction like this before? I’m just wondering what type of bidders will be at this, should I bother turning up in the hope that I get something at a complete steal or will I be immediately priced out of it once the bidding starts. I’m hoping that other car dealers won’t be there buying more cars to add to their own overstocked yards and there’ll be more joe public like me, but I could be wrong.

I know of a couple of small time dealers who are definitely going. I would expect it to be overpriced based on the publicity and on a couple of other clearences where cars were selling above going rate and with no comeback what so ever.

Only need to print out he catalog from the e-auctions site to attend (or pay 5 at the door), look up carzone n get an idea of what the rate for the cars would be… and then set a limit for yourself.

I’ll be doing this… working out insurance & road tax costs for all of the ones I’m interested in… then setting an absolute upper limit on what I’d be willing to spend… and sticking to that.

I’l be going to the auction n worse case scenario I leave with what I went in with… no big deal. But no harm in enjoying the experience… n if I get one of my cars for a good 20-30% less than the cheapest one on carzone then I won’t bother.

Tis only a car after all… not like they’ve stopped making them :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the buyer’s premium too when setting your limits.

I agree with the posters above though that because of the publicity and excitement it will generate there may not be many bargains if any.

I wonder will Mr P Hamton - the unluckiest bidder in the Irish property market be at this auction?

be careful at those auctions

Do any of you know if there is a "daftwatch’ style record of carzone.ie.

It would be interesting to see how many cars disappeared via the scraping schemes.

There isn’t any. I keep my own Excel system for recording the prices of the models I’m watching. I find it very interesting to watch the price of car yo-yo up and down as it gets passed around different dealers, each having a turn at trying to sell it. The design of the driving.ie site is very good for screen-scraping

I’d love someone to record the prices at auction, then link up to the retail price. Here’s an example of a car auctioned with a hammer price of €28k, retailing at €43k

Interesting link skelenot78, mr P Hantom does a lot of bidding on cars as well as houses.

Thank for the advice, I was kind of reckoning I wouldn’t get too much of a bargain because of all the hype. I checked out some car models from the auction list on cbg and carzone to get a sense of prices but I’d be hoping for 40/50% knocked off. Might send the husband along anyway, you never know. The power steering has gone for the millionth time on our banger so we’ve been thinking of changing it rather than getting it fixed again. In the meantime, I’m building up great upper body strength.

Hang onto the banger…when your 60 and don’t have bingo wings you’ll have that car to thank :wink:

Will be there myself… applying the same logic. Massive reduction or walk away… no big deal.

Those auctions, are they in English or in Irish?