2500 unsold houses + free car with apartments in Kerry

From this weeks Kerry’s Eye local newspaper.
At the Coll Corran development in Killarney a 275k gfl 75m2 apt gets a free Nissan Micra, 285k 1stfl 75m2 apt gets a Nissan Note and a 305k 75m2 1stfl apt + 45m2 terrace gets a Nissan Tilda. All the apts are all fully fitted incl appliances.
The article mentions that a cash discount is also available. Why did they not just reduce the price?


who would in there right mind buy a 2 bed apartment in killarney for 275k
do they think people are cracked in the skull
wouldnt matter how many cars they gave away free

Nice idea, but I think the developer has got it wrong with his choice of car. I suggest he might have more luck if he offered say, a free Aston Martin Vantage V8?

Prices are historically dear in Killarney compared to Tralee.

The article quotes 2500 unsold (new build) houses from last year. It names the villages of Lixnaw, Milltown and Firies as having a particular oversupply. These villages are effectively Tralee/Killarney commuterville although Firies has a big enough population to be considered as a town at this stage.

I think someone should buy these up for an Urban Paintball stadium, we could become the paintballing capital of the world.

Now, now…in the post credit-crunch mortgage lending environment, a joint salary of €80,000 would secure this place, and it would make a great starter home for a couple. I’m sure there are a lot of couples in Kerry earning €40,000. Each. With a tidy deposit.

And then, when their salries rise to, say, €60,000 each (in about 5 years, right? Totally inevitable IMO) they can sell this apartment (it’ll be worth at least €325k in 5 years) and finance the house that’s next rung up on the ladder (this will be around the time Junior #1 is starting school - so there will be massive funds freed up once childcare costs are gone. At least till Junior #2 comes along).

So I’m not sure why everyone thinks this is so absoluty bonkers. You people need to get in touch with reality (see para 1 & 2 above).

I like, but I think we could think bigger. What about a Zombie Apocalypse theme park? Holiday makers book into a house and after a few days or hours the zombies attack and the holiday makers have to survive the rest of the week.

I like this idea. Perhaps our national broadcaster could get involved? It might make for good reality television. It couldn’t be any worse than ‘Cabin Fever’, and it would certainly involves less casualties.

“I’m not a zombie, get me out of here!”

I hear it may have gone up to a Mini , a 320d or a 530d kind of scale now .

Settle for nothing less Kerry People !

Best thread digresstion in ages :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

On the thread topic, I was in West Cork for the long weekend and it was staggering how many for sale signs there are. Pretty much 50% of everything west of Skibbereen seems to be for sale.

We were staying in Kilcrohane and were admiring this lovely house which is on sale for 295k. Make no mistake, it is a nice house and has plenty of room with a view of the bay at the front. It is part of a row of 9 houses and the sign says “only 3 left”. “Only 3 occupied” would be far more accurate. The other 6 houses are completely bare and empty.
With a 35 year mortgage, the quote thingy down the bottom of the page suggests that the house is yours for only €1100 a month.
Rents in the area vary from 600 to 900 a month.

The only people who could possibly afford to buy are holiday home owners with a spare 14k per annum. Income from steady rentals will not cover the mortgage and holiday home income is likely to be sporadic as there are loads of competing houses in the area. I strongly doubt that locals will be able to afford it.
With no furnishings, it’s a sure candidate for a 50% price cut!

If you have a good look around you you’ll probably find in six months to a year when these properties still havn’t sold that they miraculously become the next set of affordable housing where our tax money is mis-spent. And will they be sold at a discount?

Are you kiddin, “keep the prices high so when we come out of this soft landing we’ll make a grand profit lads” :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

These people are so greedy and stupid its unbelievable XX

Of the 6 empties, I felt the touch of a Canny McSavvy in three of them. I felt it “in my gut” you know. That would allow the developer to claim that “only 3 remain unsold”.

The village is really tiny and yet over 75 holiday homes have been built.

Convert them into AH all you like but who will live in them? This remote area simply doesn’t have the population to support so much housing!

BTW don’t get the locals in Bantry started on the number of houses built there. They haven’t got enough water in the town now.

Was back in Limerick for the weekend, Adare to be precise. The local market is absolutely flooded. Even the Mrs remarked that she had never seen so may for sale signs - and she was in London during the last sell off in the early 90s.

Two particular developments are in full swing - one is Blackabbey Gate which is just bloody awful - totally out of character with the village. They have been on the market since last June 2007 and not one has sold. Apparently, they are now installing top of the range gear to try to flog them. To be honest, they could give them away and I’d still think they were bloody horrible.

Second development is “The Village”, which is on the grounds of Adare Manor. Nice houses, in fairness, but €575k for a 3 bedroomed semi D?? Madness. Looking at Daft, a few of these have been bought as buy to let.

Madness, maybe not - scroll further down the page on daft and you’ll spot the minimalist four poster bed, NOW THAT’S WORTH SHELLING OUT FOR!