25A Leinster Square, Rathmines


AMV was 1,050,000

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Then 975,000 and sale agreed



Back on the market at €995,000, strangely marked as “Reduced Price For Quick Sale”



975k now


Down to 950k and Sale Agreed at it:

Also listed here as sale agreed:
gunne.ie/dsp_print_SA_quickr … startrow=1

PS. What a car:
ireland.com/newspaper/images … 095_1.html


Thats a driveway!! :open_mouth:


Morning all. I see this property is back on the market with an asking price of €795k - https://www.sherryfitz.ie/buy/house/dublin/rathmines/25a-leinster-square-rathmines-dublin-6-3427

Any thoughts on value? Seems it sold for €595k 3 years ago.


I actually quite like some of the layout / use of space, and especially the finish inside - some nice touches. But it seems pretty jammed into the space and that lane doesn’t look the nicest, perhaps? Some parts of rathmines are nice, especially as you get to Charleville Road and Beto d, and some are full of bedsits and renters so I’m not really sure where this one sits.