26 Brookfield Terrace, Blackrock - then and now

1998 “withdrawn €193k £152k]”
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 33275.html
Equvalent of €270k today - anthonykelly.com/inflation.html

Now €369,950

Holy F**k!

This has got to be one of the most overpriced gaffs I’ve ever seen.

Brookfield Terrace is a shithole. Some serious weird families up there, who are in the habit of sitting on kitchen chairs outside their front doors staring at people as they go past.

Very busy garage opposite too, though the dude who owns it does great work. :slight_smile:

There was a house on that road where the owners spent an absolute fortune on interior work. I would not be surprised if they spent 300K-400K on doing it up. Maybe even more. Perhaps that has something to do with the price no.26 are looking for?

This as a totally spot on description of this place! It really needs to be exorcised or something. Might commission a bishop or similar to carry out a job on it. A woman there told me once about her daughter being bullied in school. Her daughter was the size of a house and one of the most scary people I have ever encountered. Really don’t go there. Had a small house there for a while… I rented it out as soon as I realised what it was like to live in such a weird place. I wouldn’t stay there now if you paid me 369k weekly to stay there. This was during the boom years thankfully so I actually sold it for a pot of money, almost doubled my money in just 2 years with a bit of refurb. Those were the days.

The guy in the garage is great tho and the car valeting there is A1

I live on the other side of Carysfort Ave and it’s like walking into Beruit around there.

We looked at a place there in 2004 but my missis took one look at the boarded up windows and we got the heck out. It’s just as bad now… I would NOT like to be selling a house there. No amount of “gentle stroll from Blackrock village” (which to be fair it is) will hide the fact it looks like Sheriff Street. Also, there’s a travellers halting site on the other side of some adjacent convent land. :open_mouth:

Someone must have taken offense at all your comments, now removed from all the websites!

Jeez now I feel bad.
Some poor guy is trying to sell his house and I’m dissing the neighbourhood…

I guess savvy people have a right to know what they’re getting into though.

Went twice in the same day to view a housing site on Brookfield terrace/prince Edward tce, early afternoon and again late that night. I was intimitated by the residents sitting on a bench on the footpath. Their language and remarks totally put me off as I wouldn’t want to live there. I mentioned this in work and my friend told me his aunt lives there and has to walk the long route to avoid them. They were like a mother and daughter elderly with an awful blonde wig. There was also a weird woman with curlers. How awful for the nice residents to have to be subjected to harrassment by these tenants. I think it should stop they are like common drunk dealers. On enquiring further there are eight houses owned by dlrcoco and its their tenents who use the footpath for drinking and embarrassing passersby I think they should be evicted how could you live in that atmosphere

Just to say nothing has changed much on Brookfield terrace the same mob are sitting on the footpath commenting on passersby. I went to view housing site and was terrified by their presence. Just to say these are elderly old women with verbal abuse comments at will. I’m still upset and won’t go near there again.