26 Charlestown Green- St. Margarets Rd., Finglas

Ok I’ll see if I can keep an eye on some northside drops. This one wasn’t hard to find, since it’s advertised as price reduced. Interesting though that they’re willing to shout that they “must sell immediately.”

Was 350K … cd=7&gl=ie

Now 340K

They should ban capslock on MyHome. :unamused:

Speechless indeed…That’s some estate agents they’ve got there operating off an 086 mobile number…

That just shows how eager they are to take your call.

There’s a glut of properties around Charlestown/Lanesborough for sale now with some effort to undercut each other.

Also in my opinion (and this is of course purely opinion) all other things being equal, i.e. no loyalties to any particular area, this is a better bet than some of the new super-estates in north county Dublin, so I don’t know how they will sustain prices of 350K+ for 2 bed apartments as the supply grows in the north city.

How can you possibly describe a property as SPEACHLESS. You might as well describe it as dumbfounded or bemused. This kind of gobbledygook probably reflects a certain level of desperation. The agent having dismissed all the hackneyed superlatives, as not up to the job of shifting a small house in North Dublin for a third of a million Euro. Quite pathetic really. :cry:

I said the same before. That sort of crap would put me off the place.

It’s like they believe they can compete on adjectives/superlatives. Try competing on price! :slight_smile:

The same Agent is selling this place, and it is “Must sell immediately” as well


That price isn’t that bad (in todays market that is) when you consider that further out the road they are flogging new 1-beds for 250+. This sort of price will send the shivers up the spines of people in places like Premier Square and the one across the road from it (can’t remember the name). I was told by a colleague that bought in the one across the road that it had gone up by 50k since he bought (he purchased for ~250k). I respectfully concurred with him…

its a nice quiet area right next to botanic gardens and nice pubs and 10min walk from proposed metro stop and close to city centre etc. 400sq feet is a bit small though. I live nearby by the way. This one in Phibsboro with 836sq ft for 370k offers better value per sq ft but in a busier/noise’ier area. Still would’nt buy either at those prices.

It’s not 1-bed though, it’s a studio. Price is cheaper than others, but not much less ludicrous than any other Irish price.

It has the same Sq Footage as a one bed in the same development which is selling for 30k more.

330k now


To all the people on this forum, I am the agent selling this property. I have received several harrassing phone calls by someone claiming to be the owner of this website. He has called me several times before in regards to this property playing games with me, then saying he lives around the corner and he wants to put in a bid of 299,000 then screaming with a stupid laugh. First of all, it’s very sad that this person has this much time on his hands to be doing things like this in the first place.
Furthermore, I am currently contacting the garda and having his telephone number traced [being that it comes up unknown] and I will have charges brought up against this individual as this constitutes harrassment at this point.
A reminder for all on this website that have been [or thinking of] harrassing and defaming estate agents, you will be tracked down and prosecuted. I have had enough of this immature behaviour and I have contacted my solicitor with all of your forum “call sign” names. Thankyou. Are you SPEACHLESS now? Oops, sorry spelled that wrong… I meant SPEECHLESS. EA selling 26 Charlestown Green - Finglas & 57 River Gardens - Glasnevin

Ok this thread is now locked until the above issue has been investigated & resolved.

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