26 Forest Fields Road, Swords, Co. Dublin(-5k)

Mar 20th

Apr 18th

Had to post this small drop as a little proof that established areas in Swords are affected as well.

EDIT: posted wrong new price in different area, now corrected

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Boroimhe is not an established area in Swords.

It’s a big fecking whack of houses and apartments but it’s barely even in Swords.

I appreciate your efforts though Gurramok, keep it up!!!

Very true TUG about Boroimhe been newish, i had posted wrong new price link, now corrected to Forest Fields which i’m certain is established, any Swordsers here to verify? :slight_smile:

The Valley is old.

But it’s not my part of Swords! :wink:

I’m way posh like. :blush:

Back up to 395k!
myhome.ie/residential/search … QYTP346718

Down to 380k

Exactly one year since the first price drop.