26 Gallery Quay, Pearse St, D 2

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I am a FTB thinking of bidding on this place. I have lived in the block (water facing bit) and by far its the best quality block I’ve experienced in Dublin. Have heard of some build issues in different blocks. If anyone has info to share that would be appreciated.

  • points:
    Central location
    Build Quality
    Potential yield
  • points:
    Price (don’t want to overpay)
    Bit noisy but its the city centre

€530 per sq. ft.
It ain’t cheap. But the location is good.

Firstly, with regards to build quality, that is definitely debatable: independent.ie/irish-news/co … 35568.html
“Housing Minister Jan O’Sullivan has been asked to urgently intervene to address the concerns of residents at the Gallery Quay apartments on Grand Canal Dock in Dublin.
Experts have admitted that up to 60 apartments at the complex “were not built to an acceptable standard” and have suffered from a “sudden and serious deterioration” over the last two months.”

“A housing association that purchased 60 apartments in the Gallery Quay development in Dublin Docklands has initiated a number of legal actions due to widespread problems with dampness and water ingress.
Tuath Housing Association says there have been problems for some years but they have been made worse by the last two months of bad weather.”
“The legal actions have been complicated because the developer and architects involved no longer exist.”

A good level of finish does not equate to a good build quality. You might have a fair idea from living there if there are any issues described above, which are akin to the neighbouring Longboat Quay disaster, such as damp, bad ventilation, etc. that might suggest building issues. IIRC the whole thing was built at the same time so it is possible that issues in some blocks could be present in all blocks - who knows.

Pearse Street is central - though ‘good’ is subjective. I don’t think it’s a nice location, especially at over €500/sqft, but others seemingly do. At €300k-ish for a 1 bed you have your pick of 1 beds in the city - you can live pretty much anywhere.

Its another block of apartments with structural faults. Water ingress, insulation faults, condensation, window & door frames wearing out. Evident in some units more than others.

Heard there might have been a design used which is usually for hot and dry climates - not sure if that is the case though.

Who was the developer ?

Consortium comprising Alanis (McCormack family), Redquartz Development (Paddy Kelly) and Pierse Contracting I believe.

Edit: a definitive source
irishtimes.com/business/comm … -1.1163813
"Apartments at Michael McNamara’s Longboat Quay were sold from the plans last month and the €120 million Gallery Quay apartment scheme by the DDDA, Alanis Ltd, Redquartz Development and Pierse Contracting was sold off the plans last year. "

€1,630 for a 1 bed without parking is definitely not excessive by city centre standards - normal if anything.

Thanks all for the extra context. I’m going to talk to the EA about any lingering issues on Block 11. I’ve lived in the waterfront facing apartments in the past and found them to be of a good standard.

Is it possible to request fire-cert information from the Fire Brigade if EA’s, surveyors, management companies and the rest all disclaim notice or responsibility.

I lived in Block 11 for a while, two years in a rental. One of the apartments facing onto Pearse Street. Noise wasn’t too bad but I grew up on a main road so more sensitive ears may find it annoying for a month or two.

Cant remember needing to call the landlord more than once for anything so I found them reasonably well built. Check the wooden window frames for mould, as I remember a small bit of it building up. Probably more cosmetic than anything else