26 Templeogue Lodge, Dublin 6W

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55k fall today (12.5%), down from 450k to 395k
4 bed semi-d, 1,432 sq ft

I’ve had my eye on this since it came on the market in Autumn 12 I think it was, but have stopped viewing mid way through last year with all the price rises, so have’nt actually seen it. I thought it would go fairly quickly in any case, especially in the MIR gold rush before xmas. Looks like a newish build and a C3 energy rating.
But now a substantial drop. So whats going on?

Anyone been to see it?

Looks like a big barbed wire on one side of garden. No the best vista out the back I’d say

very well spotted…it’s actually overhanging into the garden. St Michael’s House is the building and car park next door

yep, bishop galvin/shanahan primary school.

The building behind it is the Templeogue House complex, not the primary schools.

Went to see this house. While downstairs is nice (and very bright), upstairs is the issue.

The master bedroom is quite narrow. You can see where the bed was and also see that there is around a foot gap between the bed and the wardrobes in the natural place to put the bed. (In the photo, look at the floor in front of the middle set of wardrobe doors - there appears to be a darker smudge - this is the indent of where a bed leg was.)

Also, the bathroom has no window and neither does the en suite.

Upstairs just doesn’t have the space for 4 bedrooms, bathroom & ensuite…

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/2230936

I don’t get it…the price has been upped by 8% to 425k today!!! surely if it did’nt sell at the reduced price of 395k in the past 2 months, why up the price!!!

Maybe the price of razor wire has increased in value? Who knows, after all it is an asking price… and asking prices in general are a bit barmy at the moment. However, I wonder if it’s the property tax at work, as in a neighbourhood cabal? Let’s all read from the same hymn book. I know, I know, mad Ted but so is the price increase :-GC

I believe that a offer of 425 k was accepted however this must have fallen through so presume vendor is hoping that if some one was prepared to pay this some one else will too .

sold for 420k in June13

#19 now on at 475k for an identical house
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that an 8% increase in 9 months or so. Probably in line with cso advertised rises but with jumps like this, it sure does feel like 2005-2007 all over again

There must have been about 70 people at the viewing of #19 on Saturday - it was absolutely bananas. Bids being made and accepted by EA during the viewing. Currently up over €502k… Definitely all the craziness of 2005 is back!

What do folks think it is worth?

It’s not what it’s ‘worth’…that type of notion is out the window these days

If it’s just gone to 502k after all those at a viewing and it on the market a couple of weeks, it might’nt have much steam left in it. Perhaps go for 515-520k in the end

In 2005 these were 600k. In mid-06 (absolute height of the CT) the neighbouring & identical house, 17 Templeogue Lodge, was asking €750k. So at 520k you’re only paying 70% of Celtic Tiger prices. 8DD

#19 sold for 536k!!!

#37 now on asking 550k
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But sure, I can already hear the people shouting in few years time that 'we were only trying to put a roof over our heads…we didn’t know it was a bubble…the banks pushed the money at us…don’t uproot my children"!!!

Here’s the list for this area from the PPR
07/06/2013 €420,000 26 Templeogue Lodge, Templeogue
06/09/2012 €285,000 9 Templeogue Lodge, Templeogue, Dublin 6W, Dublin 6w, Dublin
31/07/2012 €380,000 8 Templeogue Lodge, Templeogue, Dublin 3, Dublin
30/04/2012 €150,000.00 ** 2 Templeogue Lodge, Templeogue, Dublin
25/01/2010 €350,000 44 Templeogue Lodge, Templeogue, Dublin 6w, Dublin

#37 showing a price drop today of 30k, down to 520k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/3149230