26 Woodbine Park, Blackrock (-1070k?, -62.9%)

According to IPW this dropped from 1.7m to 1.65m last month

IPW report

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However, according to the SBP it was withdrawn from auction in 2006 and was quoting €3m at the time.

SBP link

Note that Booterstown/Blackrock is used somewhat interchangeably for this area. Also still using same agent.

Assuming this isn’t a typo in the SBP, this would be -1.35m, -45% in 22 months.

(-1.35m, -45%)

Now €1.595m (1.405m, -46.8%)


2nd place to drop 50%

Now €1.5m (-1.5m, -50%)


Listed here at 950k


Still at a touch over 630 sheets a sq/ft.

This house is actually in Booterstown, not Blackrock. I live up the road…

Now 875k


Actually the postal areas are a bit screwed up around there woodbine park is blackrock postal district, woodbine road is booterstown, as is trimleston (grew up there always confused me).

The original price of €1.7m was never going to happen.
This was too much for even the peakiest of days.

Im still having trouble with €581 per sq/ft in this current environment.

Now 775k (€514 per sq ft)

now 695k

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1318255

planning.dlrcoco.ie/swiftlg/apas … theTabNo=4

Looks originally to have been a bigger site. Now 3 houses where the original was.
Wonder was the original 1.7m for the larger site or current site?

Drop from 3m to 695k seems unlikely, so lets assume at most it’s from 1.7m to 695k?

Now 630k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1318255

I’d like some more pictures. Considering how long this has been up for sale, and it seems in good shape, you’d think they would really jazz up the ad!

Large front and rear gardens

Eh, no front garden grass. It’s just 2/3 car spaces. No pic of back garden. And I guess that 1 yr barna shed is now atleast 3 years old…

They couldn’t get a decent pic of the back garden because the flash wasn’t working.

(See Google Satellite view for more!)

3.5 years later & a million euro price drop.

Wonder what sort of offer they’d accept at this stage just to be rid of it?

I walk pass here a good bit & the house appears vacant the whole time, so they’re not even making rent off it!

Now €575kk and open to “reasonable” offers (whatever that means).


And trying to rent it for €2,400pm, just a 5% yield.
rent.ie/houses-to-let/26-Woo … n/1108125/

Something about this house just doesn’t add up.

They’ve had it on the market for 3.5 years, losing a tonne of value. A semi realistic value even 2 years ago would have sold for more than it’s current value.

They are now trying for 2,400/month for rent (unfurnished)? Assuming 4 tenants for the 4 rooms, that 600 each. Way too much. UCD is up the road. Get realistic lads & get the place sold/rented.