27 Belmont Avenue, Donnybrook (-1m, -73.5%)


April 2005:
“27 Belmont Avenue, Donnybrook, Dublin, Victorian residence, 3-bed, in need of renovation, guide €700,000, sold €1.36m.”
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 91216.html

Now asking 360k
property.ie/property-for-sal … -4/706866/

In need of some work, to say the least.

On list of protected structures:
dublincity.ie/Planning/Dubli … ctures.pdf


Surely the owners should face a prosecution from Dublin City Council for ripping out very single original feature from a protected structure? If not what is the point of having protected structures?



Great location.
This will go for a lot more than the asking.


They were queueing out the door to see this on Saturday. It really has been ripped apart and needs total renovation, you just have your walls, most of the floors and the staircase. Parking was a nightmare but I assume that’s because the house was packed.


It is not just the viewing. Parking is always a nightmare on this road. We rent a holiday home at various times of the year near here. The road is always jammed with parked cars. It is a two way street but I think should be made one way. You spend ages trying to get down it. You have to weave in and out to let oncoming cars get by. It’s like bloody dodgems.


How much more?


Agent brought along 250 brochures and ran out of them 40 minutes into the viewing


They have increased it €40,000. Now €400,000



What exactly does that achieve? More interest? Or just give off a perception of greed.

Surely it’s the highest bid that sets the bar for the next interested party? :confused:


Maybe to discourage underbidders?


I don’t see the point in that either


You “discourage” an underbidder by telling them their bid is less than the current highest bid!

And if you don’t have any bids raising the price isn’t going to help.


It could be a psychological thing. People may not want to pay 20%, 30%, etc., over the ‘asking price’ so he moves the asking more in line with where the bidding is. Obviously those who have been bidding from the start are not affected by this, but perhaps new bidders will be less hesitant with an asking price closer to the highest bid? Just a guess, I don’t know.


Maybe it’s actually a plan to flag it to purchasers who had €400k as their “minimum” asking price on MyHome/Daft. Obviously the people who buy this need a budget of, I dunno, €600k, so maybe the EA figured they may be a few potential buyers out there unaware of the house for this reason.


I’d say they were inundated with calls at that price and decided to increase the asking to reduce the volume.

It was too low for a redbrick house in Donnybrook, even if needing complete renovation.


I would say this. I would say they were getting an awful lot of interest from wishful thinkers who can’t afford what it will go for never mind the renovation costs


Bit like it was back in the CT days.

That’s the problem with low (or semi realistic) asking prices.


27 Belmont Avenue Sale Agreed


Any idea of what it went sale agreed for?


Nope just saw it on MyHome. I see that no 7 Belmont Avenue is Sale Agreed also.