27 Eaton Brae, Rathgar (-100k, -14.4%)

Was 695k now 630k



4-bed detached 1453sq/ft (135sq/m)

€434 sq/m

Now €595k:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1475750

Sale agreed

Sold for 440k in Nov 2011
propertypriceregisterireland.com … and-35878/

back on for… 695K…


255k profit in two years assuming no renovations, or 50% profit. That would be good if they can swing it!

58% uplift since Q4 2011 assuming it sells for the asking price.

However I am struggling to get head around the fact that this house might be worth €695k+ in the current market…

Do you know if it was renovated since sale in 2011?
This will get close to current asking. Depressing, but true IMO

This was ‘the one that got away’ for me. Great value at that price and the vendor took the plunge when nobody else would. Agree it’ll probably get close to asking now but was probably 15-20% below comparable sales when it last sold.

Assuming the vendor purchases another property it’s more a case of maintaining purchasing power rather than making a profit as such, no?

The market (as a whole) has not risen 58% since Q4 2011

As such the vendor is doing a lot better than maintaining PPP.

Making the assumption the vendor is not a speculator who is banking his profit.

I don’t recall but looking at the current pictures, even if it was renovated, it doesn’t look like a big job was done (new floors, kitchen, lick of paint etc).

The 58% is based on asking rather than SOLD price.

Also, maybe what they’re buying has gone up even more than what they achieve as a sale price so PPP has not been maintained :slight_smile:

In fact if they’re trading up they might still be worse off even if the % rise of what they’re buying was lower (assuming a more expensive property was affordable at the same time they bought this) ie in monetary terms a 30% increase on a €1M property is more than a 50% increase on a 600K property

I guess at the least they were in the market i.e had exposure to SCD residential property over the period…

There are most likely other factors I have not considered

Sale agreed for 720 … having sold for 440 two years ago !!! 63% profit … not bad for a bit of paint and a new kitchen.

If it goes for 720, that’s drug money IMO