27 Glendoher Avenue, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16 -25k (5.3%)


27 Glendoher Avenue, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16, South Dublin City
Semi-Detached House

4 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom

date event
03 June 2010
* Price changed: from ‘€475,000’ to ‘€450,000’
21 April 2010
* Initial entry found. [Found by n/a]

I’ve viewed this house. Lots of space. Lots of work needed.

Who needs property bee when the EA can’t be bothered to update the pdf brochure :unamused:

€450k for that house in that location is so ludicrous it’s not funny. This is a very modest part of Rathfarnham and many houses in and around this one - although probably not this particular house or road - are council or ex-council. 50% overpriced.

No part of this estate was ever council.
I lived in Glendoher until 1979.
This is as middle class as it gets.

Not sure if you’re referring to Palmer park etc up the road ?
How is that relevant to Glendoher ?

Probably a bit overpriced however they were 700 at the height.

The build quality is excellent -very solid walls etc blows my current 1980s built gaff out of the water.

To present a balanced review I would say that I would not buy here because of lack of Luas / a decent bus service.

Oh, I stand corrected. I thought that a couple of the estates along here off the Ballyboden Road - sort of behind Buglers - were ex-council. But if not I am more than happy to be corrected.

I would just say in my defence that I did not identify this specific house or estate as council.

Now €430k:daft.ie/1522198

A year later…sold:


Last advertised price seems to have been €375k: