27 Martin Street, Portobello (-160k, -26%)

Was 620k


Now 565k


sale agreed at 565k:

On sale again at 515k

I live around that area and love it but that is a ton of money for such a tiny house - €736 per square ft. It’s not exactly the classiest part of town either sometimes.


I viewed no. 28 Martin St. back in late 1997 and it was asking IR£126K at the time which was already on the fringes of lunacy given where the prices had been about 18 months previously.

I understand at the time that it went for between 126k and 130k so given that history, and allowing for inflation and IR£/Eur conversion, what do pinsters reckon a similar house such as this one is worth today ?

For some reason Portobello/SCR have absolutely mental prices. Half a mill for that? It’s not even that nice inside either. Tiny!

:astonished: That has to be the owner selling right?

I do not believe that to be indicative of the asking prices in the area for this kind of house, this person is deluded. Weird photos. :confused:

Ivor, some parts of Portobello and SCR are kind of Ranelagh esque but on a smaller less village like scale. I don’t think it’s about “mental for the area” as much as “mental for any area”.

Awful photos.
What’s with the one of the stairs???

Now €460k:daft.ie/1432079

Its really overpriced, worst houses in the area (former married british squaddies quarters), about 200k , when market settles.