27 O'Rourke Park, Sallynoggin

Hey folks what do you think about this one?


On paper it will tick all the boxes for us, even though Sallynoggin won’t be my first option (well at least I wasen’t impressed by the Pears Villas area); in terms of commuting to city center will be Ok-ish + good size garden, quiet road and walk in condition. I guess the compromise would be the location.

Any advice on the area?

Sigh… this is not a price drop. So moving out of Price Drops forum.

As an arera Sallynoggins appears cheap :slight_smile:

Number 7 bus goes past the end of the road, runs about every 15 minutes, but it’s not walking distance to the Dart. Heavy traffic on the main road (though you’re set off it a bit so noise shouldn’t be a problem), might be a frustrating enough commute.

Schools close by, family area. Used to be a lot rougher than it is now. Not sure that I’d want to look out at the back of PowerCity but they’ve done a great job with the renovation on the house. Plenty of small shops nearby, as well as a lot of big warehouse stores like Powercity, Woodies etc. You’d have to drive to the nearest big supermarkets. A lot of current and former council houses around there.

I wouldn’t buy to rent in that area and it’s more run down than neighboring Glenageary. I’d consider buying there if I was looking for an affordable family home in SCD. As you suggest, it’s not the prettiest area, but it is right beside Dun Laoghaire with the harbour, Killiney Hill, etc. so that might compensate a little.