27 Palmerston road Rathmines -1.85M.(28%)

Was 6.6M. … =firefox-a
Now 5.35M.
property.rte.ie/residential/sear … msg=Images

Was €6.6m according to this Tribune piece:
tribune.ie/article/2007/jan … rathmines/

And was reduced to €4.85m according to this Indo piece:
independent.ie/lifestyle/pro … 79432.html

Available now asking €5.35m
myhome.ie/residential/search … TBPN286117

Or to rent at €8k per month here:

Rent Allowance Not Accepted :angry:

Already posted.

Funny - search didn’t pick it up …
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done, note I’ve found that it helps to search for lesser terms when using addresses
27 Palmerston seemed to work for this for example

Now 4.75M on myhome.
myhome.ie/residential/search … TBPN286117

5 bed Semi-d, red brick trophy, good garden with 2 bed mews, No BER

Sq. Metres: 307 (Sq. Feet: 3304.52) @ €4.75m

€1,437 per sq ft