28 Acre Migrant Asylum Refugee Camp in The Middle of Dundrum


I wrote this in the Death of Dublin thread about the encampment in Mount St:

A long term pinster quit in a strop because we don’t discuss property anymore, but you can’t possibly claim that this plantation isn’t now the single biggest factor affecting prices, and I include interest rates, employment etc in that. Look at these scenes and how close they are to some very expensive property:

On this news alone I’m calling a 20% property drop in the vicinity of the site-whether or not it even goes ahead-, and that’s before the deleterious effects manifest themselves physically and the true cost of having a massive illegal migrant camp in your neighborhood becomes apparent…


Let’s face it D14/D16 is exactly the kind of people that have been propping up this FG/FF circus, in numbers, up to now.
And that chicken is coming home to roost here.

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This is right beside Rosemount Estate which always had a rough reputation back in the day, although I’ve no idea what it’s like now. I see one house on a large site on myhome sale agreed @ €650K.

There will no doubt still be many long-term families living there who consider themselves the “owners” of the estate and there will be protests, but will the initial movement be led by a “certain type of local?” One who has a “brash” voice and character? Who will feature prominently in a Roddy Murray video on YouTube? That the local middle classes would actively avoid?
Is this an opportunity to look at an event in real time with a possible new perspective on the methodology of a régime psy-op assault on middle-class areas?

TBH anyone still thinking in those terms is a lost cause. Worse than useless

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We’re all East Wall