28 ashgrove fethard on sea whats the story

Saw a bit on twitter and reference to this on facebook

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Eviction Call Out
Joy McComish
no 28, Ashgrove,
Fethard on Sea,
Co Wexford.
County Council are looking to evict this woman who has lived in her home for the last 18 years with her family...Please support this woman on Monday morning at 8am if you can or at any time until the issue is resolved..Thank you
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Feth of the family Ard has not paid the shekels to the bank for many many months and needs a digout from De lads of De family lads I would think. :nin

It seems to be a Council eviction which is odd enough also I think the lady involved is a reasonably well known singer locally

When asked for details and if Gilroy and Co were involved

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and eventually someone posted this

It’s wex co co, misunderstanding re: rent, she needs support & time to sort it not eviction.

Anyone hazard a guess at what a Misunderstanding re the rent means

Local authority housing rents are based on the household income. So my guess is either a) she has been understating her income to the council or (they review this annually) or b) understating the number of adults in the house who would be liable to make a contribution to the rent.

However if it is a case of local authority rent arrears, councils generally don’t take legal action until the arrears have mounted to really substantial levels (there was a recent case in the media of €17k in arrears owed to South Dublin County Council, which bearing in mind the average rent in the sector is €60 pw, that is a lot of weeks of arrears).

One exception to this is where the council is concerned about anti-social behaviour and they will use rent arrears to evict in cases such as these because it is legally more straightforward than evicting on anti-social grounds.

I have worked in the sector in the past, which is why I know the procedures generally applied, but I should stress I know nothing about the facts of this particular case. But I do know that councils (particularly rural ones) generally only take eviction action is really driven to it.

If the eviction is today, like the notice mentions, this means that the council has already gone to court to terminate the tenancy do she has no legal right to remain in occupation of the house. The time for her to make her case was during the court action, judges regularly place stays on local authority evictions to give people a chance to sort out their arrears.

+1 Mocame I had a quick read of the Website “interesting” would be one word