28 Merlyn Road, Ballsbridge (-70k, -6%)



Asking price drop here. Been on the market for quite a while so not sure when the price was dropped.

1.05m - 18Jan2021

1.15m - 12Mar2020


Clearly asking price drops means that prices are going up!


Yes, they are actually


Fake news!


Asking price drops on a property does not say anything about the market. Even in the best of markets, if a house worth €1m is put up for sale asking €2m and later reduced by 50% to its actual value, that does not mean the market has crashed - it means that the seller was unrealistic and has become more realistic.

The house attached to this sold for €920k not long ago, this is now asking €1,050k. This is bigger but only because of an old flat roof extension to the rear that a new buyer will probably flatten anyway to do a better 2 storey extension so this house at €1,050k is still showing signs of price increases compared to pre Covid times. Sorry to burst your bubble.


Multiple asking price drops says something about the market.

I appreciate that does suit the cabal of vested interests that have infiltrated this forum.


Asking price drops on 1 mis-priced property don’t say anything about the market. I explained this in my previous post, it is unfortunate that you cannot grasp the concept.


I remember looking at the sea of red being posted here on the old pin layout thinking prices were still dropping which unfortunately made me delay purchasing during the bull run from 2012. If the market is going up the market is going up, don’t deny it or you will literally end up paying for it.

Of course it could come crashing down, but housing moves in cycles and a bull run usually lasts until supply exceeds the demand.


Sold for 1.08m


5,000 Euro per sq. m. Good value in Ballsbridge if you don’t mind the DART running along your backgarden.