29/9 Primetime

Good report so far,
Cowan, Keenan, Neary and O’Dea shown up for the muppets they are.

It would be cool to have Brendan Keenan and Morgan Kelly back on tonight, see if Keenan the gobshite is still sneering.

As for the head on Neary, I could spend manys the happy day slapping it.

BL says he can’t interfere with leagal system

Favourite sayings of BL I can’t , I don’t know

Why are we paying this guy ?
George lee on now, Where has he been ?

Why is it that we get a prepared load of crap from the gov and then we get "experts debate it "

What is wrong with talking to each other and getting an immediate reply

You end up with ‘Mary Coughlan’ events !

Or Willie O’Dea defending the honour of FF with nothing his bristling moustache… first using it as a clever tank trap to ensnare Brain Lucey, then using the sharpened ends to spear both Morgan Kelly and Alan Ahearne (sorry, friendly fire incident there), and finally administering the coup de grace to dem foreigners with the mystic dance of the quivering hairy lip…

Hadn’t heard that exchange between Morgan and Keenan before. Keenan seemed a bit smug as if he expected Kelly to backtrack. I didn’t catch the exact numbers…has anyone any idea as to what was the bank’s prediction that Keenan seemed so confident in, and the numbers as we now know them?


PrimeTime from 30/09/2008:

Morgan Kelly/Brendan Keenan clip:

Fair play to ye Morgan 8DD

So Brendan Keenan was saying Irish banks don’t need money - have no liquidity problem. So Brendan Keenan says we don’t need NAMA.

Its not that Morgan kelly was right.

Its the fact that he was SO right.

I do miss the soft landing guys though.

Occasionally Austin hughes appears on the news but whatever happened to Dan Mclaughlin ?

Self imposed purdah :smiley: