29 Ashton Park, Monsktown (-305k, -35.9%)

Was 850k, 720k

Now 675k

#30 opposite was also recently for sale

Went sale agreed. As did 19.

120 Sq. Metres (1,291 Sq. Feet) @ €675k

€5,625 per sq m


€523 per sq ft

What do we reckon they accepted for this place? Whatever it was, I’m sure it was SUB €500 per sq ft.

According to the EA, it was in the region of €550k. I think it needed a bit of work too.

Have you any proof of that? If not, then it’s as good as the paper it was written on.

Any EA could come here and say it sold for 10k more than the asking price.

I just can’t believe someone would pay 550k for one of those, not when a 4 bed house in Dalkey just off of Castlepark Road couldn’t get that figure at auction.

If they did offer to pay that, perhaps the bank will give them a reality check.

Highlighting again the fact that this sale price is not confirmed

€550k is €426 per sq ft

Does still seem rather steep if, as suspected, it needs a lot of work

None whatsoever. And I think you pulled me up the last time I posted a price I got from an EA. I just simply asked them.

From the point of view of a user who finds this site huge beneficial in terms of information, I’d rather hear of the supposed agreed price than not hear it at all.

I think its better not to hear a supposed price when the supposing the price has an agenda

It’s just not credible. Vested interests could easily pretend to be a user such as yourself. Except their statistics could be wrong or blatant lies or designed to confuse.

I understand that, that’s why I say where I got it from so you can at least make your own mind up whether you feel it’s accurate or inaccurate.

But answer me this, how do you get credible proof?

So far, links to property (seller or price watch) websites or newspapers stories showing the information have been used.

word of mouth is as good as the paper it’s written on.

Don’t they only advertise guide price?

Was interested in number 19 across the road ,I was told it was sale agreed in excess of €600 Not sure what to do now as number 46 has come on the market and i cant believe 19 sale agreed at this price .
Any advice would be grateful

I think the advice you’ll get is to wait which is probably something you don’t want to hear.

How much do you think these houses are worth? How much are you willing to pay?

I think if you’re willing to pay near the asking price, you’ll get what’s out there now. If you are not, I don’t think you will. But you might get something else cheaper later as I suspect the one for sale will go sooner rather than later. There is a bit of movement there in the market (considering the two went sale agreed) but that could be the dead cat bounce they talk about in another thread.

#29 is now down to 625k

#29 now 545k

This is a €500k any day of the week BUT it looks like it has retained its “original features” therefor needing 150k put in.

I’ll wait until it drops sub €500k.

Doesn’t look like there are any curtains based on the 2 pictures!

Not too sure if anybody would see this as a genuine selling point on a property of this vintage anyways.

A bit like advertising single glazed aluminium or an outside WC - hardly selling features.