29 Brighton Avenue


Hi all

Looking for houses around Foxrock and wondering if anyone saw 29 Brighton Avenue? Seems to be on the market a while, looks like a fine size house. Any thoughts??? Thanks



I would say that the new builds around the corner might seem more attractive to potential buyers. The estate doesn’t do it for me as you would have to drive everywhere unless you are walking to Foxrock village. Do you have kids of school going age? If so, I would prefer either of these.


29 Brighton Avenue looks interesting, if there’s nothing wrong with it. Pretty strange price history:

April '18: €945k
June '18: €915k
October '18: €845k
Feb '19: €815k

Those are pretty chunky drops. Why is it taking so long to shift? Perhaps Sherry Fitz pitched it just a bit too high (no surprise there), and missed last year’s peak as a result. Certainly at the current asking, that would have looked like a total bargain this time last year. I suppose some people would say Foxrock south of the N11, for all its cachet, is somewhat in the middle of nowhere. But close to the Luas and M50, better garden aspect than the other two mentioned, better BER, and quite a bit cheaper per square foot. Plus the other two are in Deansgrange and Galloping Green North according to Google Maps.

Some of the interior looks a little pokey and the piano needs serious upgrading :icon_biggrin:. But apart from that, what’s not to like!


Is that some sort of encampment the far side of the luas?
Surely not in foxrock


Well one of it’s residents is out of circulation for a while. Although, given that he made one of his victims choose Afghanistan over a local park for safety, maybe he didn’t make the best of neighbours.