29 Holywell Wood, Swords Co Dublin

430,000E cache dating from 10 Feb

380,000E arrival on myhome today

doesn’t seem to be on DAFT at the moment although that’s where the cache comes from.

Edit: according to DAFT the property has been sold - remember the cache dates from Saturday.

Today’s ad is with a different estate agent.

My bad: I have open on my browser with the words “29 Holywell Wood has been sold” with a list of similar properties in Swords. Second on the list is this:

29 Holywell Wood

That’s why I don’t think you can really trust DAFT as far as you can throw 'em.

No - I suspect that the issue there is the change of estate agent.

That not withstanding, from the latest ad for the house:

AFAIK, the nearest shops are the DIY/electrical/furniture shops and car dealers, the nearest school is in Rivervalley which is a fine few minutes walk and the transport facilities well, I guess it’s more than 10 minutes walk to the nearest bus stop (at the moment).

Exactly, DAFT is entirely dependent on the users for the quality of its information.

It’s a subgrade wikipedia run by machviallian estate agents and pepped up on goofballs vendors.

As for Holywell, Fingal might be a bit closer than the Valley and I’d say you could make the bus stop in an out of breath 10 minutes but you would want to start counting from the entrance of the estate and not the front door!

You sound even more cynical than usual this morning.

You needn’t worry. I’ve seen the show houses in Holywell. I won’t be buying there.

I don’t think these (style houses) have ever sold as high as 430K, even in Spring 06, so that just seems ludicrous. I predict further falls - maybe one or two will sell at 380K but not on my advice :slight_smile:

You’re wrong, I think.

Have a look at the prices here. You’re interested in the three bedroomed end of terrace which is, I think, what this property is. 459K, anyone

I’m speechless.

I went and looked at those show houses some time ago, I guess a year ago now at least, when it was still Abbeystone (rather than Holywell) and left completely disillusioned that people were spending 285K on a one bedroomed apartment. As the link I provided above suggests that they are selling at 269950, unless my memory is failing, I think that the new development prices are coming down too.

See this:

Noncached version

The price of the two bed 55sqm is down by two grand and the previously sold out the previously sold out 3 bed duplex is back on sale. I don’t know if they have a new release going…it’s possible.

I tried to find an older cache and unfortunately the relevant HOK page doesn’t have the prices on it (Nov 06).

Aha, but the Indo does, from sometime in May last year.

versus now: from the Savills HOK site

Probably throwing in more extras too.

I went for a drive around Holywell yesterday on the way home from B&Q, and was surprized at the poor quality of the development. Very narrow internal roads around the estate, lack of parking even though occupation levels seem low, very little green areas given the density of living, no facilities, a rat run to the M1 running between the 2 phases.

I can’t help but think that the developer (Albany) is either very sloppy or really cutting corners - the stairs up to the 2nd floor duplex apts had bare steel stairs - they looked like fire escapes!

Now 365k (Quick Sale Required) also sale agreed

www2.myhome.ie/search/property.a … earchlist=

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