29 Morehampton Terrace, Donnybrook, Dublin 4

myhome.ie/priceregister/29-m … in-4-70335

Last asking price seems to have been 620k.

Sold for 665k which is 441 P SQF.

First listed 28th January - Sold by 3rd May

Seems like an awful lot to me for a house that seems to need total renovation?

I disagree, an excellent buy IMHO…This is one of the most prestigious locations in Dublin, a period house, on a quiet road with a garden. Getting all that for a family in heart of Donnybrook is impressive if it comes in at less than 900k in total. Have been looking forever in the area, it would be hard to find a decent family home for less than 1 mill., especially one with a garden

10 months latter, flipped for €746k (€81k less costs)

How much are costs ?
€81k doesn’t leave much room for mistakes.

#27 sold for €1,200k on 15-7-14