29 St Patrick's Crescent, Monkstown, County Dublin

29 St Patrick’s Crescent, Monkstown, County Dublin

Asking 325K (1200 sq ft) with a funny layout and a very small garden. Having said that is some sort of realism finally setting in with vendors and EAs, or is this priced to match the insane asking prices of the current market?

I grew up about 5 seconds away.

The houses without extension are tiny (not sure on exact sq meter)

This one has been nicely done.

Interesting that there’s no pics of upstairs… even the big bedroom is small.

seems very cheap on first look though admittedly I don’t know the area well. is it an ex council estate?

Upstairs looks small allright but house certainly looks pretty nicely done up and in turkney condition so could be relatively decent value. Need to check flat roofs on the extension for soundness etc. Perhaps helimachoptor could advise if potentially any issues in the “Farm” these days.

no issues tbh, the tesco/insomnia/palyground will in time attract the local scrotes but the place has gentrified a good but since i was a youngster.