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IMO, posting the odd link in a thread is fine, but perhaps consider adding a few words explaining your POV and why you think it’s relevant to the discussion at hand. If you post lots of links with no context, it fills up the thread and derails the flow of disusssion.


Things Are Really Weird Right Now

They sure are. :ninja:


I am no longer comfortable on this site with nutjob antivaxx shite on the main page so this may be my last ever post.

I dont know what is happening with prices but the amount of property on the market is incredibly small in Galway for some reason.


There’s certainly some god awful nutjob shite such as shite on Bitchute and other wally sites. But it’s by no means all shite and a shame that useful stuff often gets missed because of the shite

For example re making a decision on vaccine:


Do you think the pro-vaxxx have any anti-vaxxxx doubts post vaxxxxx-death?

'Course on the bright side they’ll own nothing and be happy on the far side right? :man_shrugging:


The prime content visible is beyond tinfoil hats into pure nutjobbery. You should be deeply ashamed to administer this farrago OW, honest. :frowning:

Do you not personally remember what Polio did to people before vaccines came along???


Is anyone around here 100% against all vaccines ?

I’m not, I have got plenty of different vaccines in the past, and I have no problem taking vaccines in the future, but I do like to know what I’m taking is safe and tested, as it is right now I’m on the fence with the Covid vaccines, probably safe, but I will wait a little longer before I decide to get one

Now I’m a conspiracy theorist, oh no


Well then the approach is to set up a members only forum where I don’t have to get a faceful of the shite when I do drop by, and believe me I have not taken much interest in private forums on the pin over the years.

Not in the public bits though, jeez christ… :frowning: :frowning:


I have always taken vaccines before, for work & travel. While heap of them.


It’s a very sad day to see one of the most respected and intuitive posters over the years leave for any reason. Hope you can reconsider 2pack. I look forward to reading any of your posts as rare as they are these days. Hope you can reconsider.


In Gaffs, agree. On the Rona, who is the Oracle .


Do you think they meant 2 weeks every fortnight to flatten the curve or is it hard to tell because things are very weird right now?


From what I remember you were always a numbers and data guy. And you were here like the rest of us because of the complete lack of real information in the Irish media 2006 onwards about the developing financial catastrophe. The almost total suppression in the media of any real information until the country was bankrupt.

But not here. We sure as hell covered it here at the time.

In the last 18 months this has been the only site in Ireland posting large numbers of links to primary sources about the single biggest public health disaster in the last 100 years. You know, the published literature. Substantive articles. Real domain experts.

Want real information about the actual pathology and mortality rates of SARs 2. You wont find it in the Irish media. Just sensationalist drivel

You want substantive information of the accuracy of testing. You wont find it in the Irish media. Just very deliberate lies.

How about the background, regulation and safety of the various vaccines types. You sure as hell wont find any in the Irish media. Just propaganda.

Adverser response rates, not a murmur in the Irish media. A very well orchestrated cover up.

But we have been discussing actual information like VAERS from the very beginning here. You know, real data.

Myself and others here have been posting very large numbers of references to high quality sources. Just like we 13/14 years ago on a different subject. Yeah sure there is also a lot of wilder stuff here. The outright wrong stuff myself or others correct it. No different that almost 14 years ago at the height of the financial crises. Like in late 2008 there was some very wild conspiracy theory like stories doing the rounds. In the case on Anglo Irish all true. Including the massive money laundering operation.

So it sounds like you have now become just like the typical Irish person in early 2008 who only listened to the Irish media. Who believed all the feel good soft landing shite they were been fed. And we all know just how fucking clueless they were. To the typical Irish person in early 2008 if they had read this site back then they would have written everyone off as a crank, a loon or a conspiracy theory nut.

Sound familiar?

The problem is 2Pack, this site has not changed. You have. This site is still the usual melee of counter official narrative opinions and information. Still the only place you will read anything close to real information that is not covered in the Irish media. Lots of noise but a hell of a lot more signal than any other media. Which is more an indication of just how pathetically terrible the media is rather that how brilliant this site is.

The problem is 2Pack, you now believe all the Irish media shite you are bombarded with. Thats the only reason what you see here sounds so startling. So crazy and bizarre. It sounds like you have fallen for the official media narrative over the last 18 months. Which you did not in 2008.

So all your lazy and to be perfect honest fucking stupid throwing around of term term like “tinfoil hats into pure nutjobbery” tells me is that you are now as brainwashed as those people who got 100% mortgages for some over priced shoe box in Q2 of 2008. Because they believed all the media lies they were hearing.

Give me a SARs CoV 2 vaccine that is as safe as the flu shot I’d take it. No problem. . Even though its basically a placebo. Epidemiologically speaking. But try to tell me that not wanting to take some vaccine that has not been properly tested, not gone through rigorous safety checks which take years, uses a totally unproved technology with known serious side effects , and all for a disease I already have immunity to and is less dangerous than the flu for under 60’s and then have the temerity to call me an anti-vaxer, well you can go fuck your self.

Because whatever the 2Pack of old was, the one who posted so much high equality analysis and data which we all respected, well that guy seem to have turned into just another brainwashed drone who seems to believe whatever shite the HSE, NPHET and all the other charlatans say. And we know what a great track record the HSE have of telling the truth. About anything.

Because thats how it sounds to me.


The front page of the pin reads like the fucking freemen and their Q metaconspiracy have taken the place over…there is a line between iconoclasm and pure nutjobbery and this site has clearly crossed it.

I don’t think it is retrievable or that it is possibly worth retrieving. I’m sure the internet archive has the good bits anyway. :frowning:


Absolutely. And don’t forget that there is NO safe elixir. Regarding polio it’s DDT poisoning effect. Spanish “flu” was caused by radio waves and electricity so electromagnetic fields interfering with natural human body charge.
The so called COVID-19 doesn’t exist. All written in capital letters. Again they slam us with hidden in plane sight tactic.


The misery likes companion that’s why they push.


Partly but partly sunk cost fallacy.

They can’t believe they would be gullible or fooled. Their world-view/self-view would collapse.

I’ve heard others hypothesize this with doctors. Even if more evidence mounts for other treatments, they can/will be resistant. Otherwise, they have to admit to themselves that they could have started prescribing licensed repurposed medications 16/17 months ago. Instead they followed orders. Again, most I know took the vaccines themselves - they do believe although I imagine a bunch of Pharma/uni scientists & senior doctors must be complicit. Most are following orders.


Personally I don’t read any of the Q stuff on here and don’t even notice it or really know what it is. However, I do have a PhD in Organic Chemistry working on an analogue of the outer shell of these nanoparticles. At the time I did it we called this field genetic therapy. Even calling it that could get you banned on social media sites a while ago. I guess there were too many papers relating these ‘vaccines’ to this so Google now acknowledges it bit.ly/3rGBmal

However, even when you post this on twitter, everyone responds to you saying that the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ is not ‘Gene Therapy’. A different expression. However, the AZ ‘vaccine’ does follow the scientific definition of gene therapy. The point I’m always making before this is that they are not traditional vaccines with a couple of hundred years of scientific research behind them, using dead or attenuated virus. So people are confused by the word salad and silly website’s trying to distract them from the fact that this new branch of science has not undergone adequate testing and these things are not ‘vaccines.’ They have simply put that definition on them so people would blindly take them without them going through years of testing, as the word ‘vaccine’ sounds safe. If you tell people you are going to give them a genetic therapy to beat this virus, nobody will take it, as can be seen from the very emotional response to this expression on twitter.

On day 1, lesson 1, of organic chemistry you learn about Thalidomide and how this should never, ever happen again. This is drilled into you for the first few classes, going on about how important trials are, how even tiny kinks in a chemical can cause untold damage. The structure of the outer shells of these nanoparticles for these ‘genetic vaccines’ can’t even be accurately established because of how pegylation works. What is happening now is absolute madness. Maybe it will work out but none of the people I know who have taken organic chemistry classes or definitely who have Chemistry Phd’s or pharmcology PhD’s or even people who work for Astrazeneca are taking this. Recent surveys have shown that the most ‘hesitant’ groups are people with PhD’s. “Hesitancy held constant in the most educated group (those with a Ph.D.)” upmc.me/3iEuQOs

Even the fact that they use the word ‘hesitant’ is propaganda. As if it’s people being a bit silly. It’s the foundation of drug development not to take something like this. This is why I don’t believe they will mandate these ‘vaccines’ in the pharmaceutical companies or in American government agencies like the CDC. The top scientists will simply leave. The CEO of Pfizer was unable to get into Israel at the start of March as he had not had ‘2’ shots of the ‘vaccine’. I strongly doubt he had 1 shot. They then had a photo op of him taking it in early March, his ‘2nd’ dose apparently. Yet, in mid April, he still didn’t go to Israel after being strongly urged to by the politicians there. I am pretty certain he had not taken any actual shots of the vaccine then. If this virus was truly bad, and he felt at risk, and he felt the ‘vaccine’ would have protected him, he would have taken it straight after the trial. As in the movie Contagion, we can see what happens when a bad virus comes and how people would react. The elite get the ‘vaccines’ first. That guy is almost 60 and certainly didn’t feel the risk outweighed the reward for him. Very telling. Perhaps he knows that pharmaceutical research for financial gain has the least repeatable experiments, e.g. the early data on efficacy is bs. And adverse reactions would not have been documented appropriately even from it. We also know now that they have destroyed the trial by giving the control group the ‘vaccine’ after it. So we have no data. No medium term data. You could hardly make this stuff up.
From a Chemistry point of view, what is taking place is insanity. It’s a pity more people didn’t study the subject so they could see it. Every day I wake up I can’t quite believe what is happening. Many of the people that have are silenced. I know a lady in the US whose husband has a medical condition from a previous vaccine booster in college. He will soon be mandated to get a vaccine at work, they have 2 kids. He can’t get a medical exemption from doctors, even though they strongly agree he shouldn’t get the ‘vaccine’. The 2 doctors so far have said they are afraid they’ll lose their medical license if they write him a medical exemption. Utter madness. Everyone should be questioning what is happening in the world right now. Fingers crossed that somehow this all works out.


Look at the people involved here. Is that not enough? Anyone who doesn’t see through Tony Holohan and Paul Reid is themself “strange”. The ISAG shills are much worse than Marian Hunt and Austin Hughes.

Anyone who isn’t seriously disturbed by the recent pivot toward acceptance of Globohomo/Twink-hunting/‘I’m a Lady!’ transgenderism is an unfortunate victim of a psy-op - ‘Love is Love’ !


But we are foremost a property discussion board and most topics lately are covid related.

If we took them to the Off Topic section and thee don’t appear on the main topics page, then we get back to our main issue and encourage new members to join…