2pack, are we at the top?



Remember when the anti-Irishtimes was mainly a property supplement. Old times. Different times. Good times. :icon_beer:

Here is an angle, here is a thought, here is a musing that many won’t like because they can’t accept the initial premise - as the kill shot expresses through the population as death and incapacitation.

Many properties will come to the market. How many cash-in-hand CCP backed of the over 100,000+ Chinese nationals will move in a buy up said properties with nary a whisper?

Include in that portfolio, farmland.


Well nothing safe but…

Polio was around log before DDT. They did not have DDT back in Roman times, but they did have polio. So that is bullshit.

Spanish flu was caused by H1N1. There were damn all radio waves back in 1918. Just very low power short wave sets about most as powerful as your garage opener. The big commercial and official transmitters started a few years later. By 1922 there were some biggies but Spanish flu was long gone. maybe H1N1 was killed by the radio waves…

So total bollocks,

SARs CoV 2 exists ts. Its very real. You can read the genome if you like. SARs CoV 2 viral pneumonia exists. It killed quite a few old sick people during a pandemic early last year. Which was over by June 2020. Ever since its just been a mass hysteria driven casedemic. With about 95% plus of the "case’ not being any kind of SARs CoV 2 infection.

Which is not quite the same as “COVID does not exist”. It does. As mostly a hospital acquired pneumonia. Which most infects old sick people at high risk of catching pneumonia. Which will kill a few hundred a year. As it always has.


Excellent post jmc, I’ve recently started reading the pin again for precisely this reason… I have a graduate degree in physics so it’s not like I’m a scientific illiterate either…


2pack, your property bottom predication did come to pass, but only as a result of central banks acting unilaterally across the globe to print money.

Cue…global asset bubble. Stock boom & property bubble 2.0.

Since your prediction, the states national debt has more than doubled however. The best bubble money can buy.

As for Galway…

…if that’s not a peak/bubble signal, I don’t know what is!


IMO (I also have a STEM PhD among other qualifications) they are all gene therapy.

Viral vector:


Moderna SEC filing - picture is from page 70


Excellent post, I was on the pin back then (Machaon), then stopped visiting the forum (personal issues). Then when I started querying the madness of COVID, it was wonderful to come back and find like minds here. There are more voices on SoMe now, and I’ve connected with some of those in groups identifiably, but felt so isolated to begin with as my friends, family colleagues all do totally believe this (bar two friends, one of which has had AZ anyway through).

I had started being suspicious of authority, governments & central banks both due to my work environment, and the economics of housing, so the Q stuff is interesting, but I appreciate that it is a bit much for some. On the other hand, those posters tell you dig yourself, research yourself. Ask questions. You are being shown parts of the playbook, but do your own due diligence. Anyone who blindly follows Q is missing the whole point, and even if it is 100% for real and beneficent a lot of what is posted would still be disinformation because it is on an open site that any operators can read.

I did, and still do, have concerns that COVID was developed in a bioweapons facility. But data are data and the IFR & CFR are very obvious now, as are the predisposing factors. Mass vaccination with untested vaccines, from novel classes of gene therapy vaccines is utter insanity, and I cannot believe but that there is anything but malice behind it at this stage. There is no other explanation for the complete and utter disregard to all precedent and regulatory frameworks (also law and ethical frameworks) that medicine is meant to be based upon. I’m more circumspect in my identifiable posts (and link to references whenever I can) but I think that there is absolute malice behind the vaccine roll out to the young. Those following orders may be blind and manipulated but those giving them… they cannot be that dumb.



I was more going with my anecdotal evidence of how our field was labelled at the time and I wouldn’t really dispute calling them all Gene Therapy. The difference to Genetic Therapy is really just semantics. The main point I’m making there is the visceral reaction that people have to any evidence that these are not just regular vaccines, with decades or centuries of research. The idea that these ‘genetic vaccines’ are actually a new branch of Science where we really have no idea of the outcomes of all this, and we won’t for many years, infuriates many people. They cannot acknowledge this, especially after they have taken them.

It took 5 years for the link between Thalidomide and its detrimental effects on babies to be made. I believe it was developed in 1954 and it was still being sold in some western countries in 1963. There is a tiny difference between the two enantiomers of Thalidomide. The majority produced compound in manufacturing is absolutely harmless. The minority enantiomer is absolutely harmless most of the time, except for a few short weeks of pregnancy. For most months of pregnancy it is also harmless. It has completely different effects on babies on the different days of pregnancy when it does cause harm. Day 19, Day 20, Day 21. All produce different terrible outcomes.

There is nobody who has studied organic chemistry that does not know this. So there are an awful lot of complicit people somehow getting through their days in their jobs making these genetic vaccines in those pharmaceutical companies. I don’t know how they do it.


There are some people who just genuinely do not have a conscience. None. It’s a hard thing to realise, and understand, we project our own values onto others. But IMO some people just do not have one. We read about the Bundys, or Shipmans, and never think that people like that could be someone we know.


They are sociopaths / psychopaths. The sort of “skills” that get you to the top organizations or bureaucracies are exactly the traits that distinguish sociopaths / psychopaths from normal people. Sociopaths are about 1% of the population but based on personal experience make up about 10% of middle management and 30% of upper management. These numbers get larger the bigger the organization.

Which is why most of people at the top of big government depts are either times-servers, scam-artists or sociopaths / psychopaths. Which explains the bovine stupidity of most large organizations. The only ones that act with any kind of intelligence and good faith are those with a strong corporate ethos and culture. So the Sony’s of the world can be trusted but the Microsofts (and Apples) of the world can be assumed to be lying and trying to screw you over at every oppertunity. Even if you just asked what time is it.


You can’t empathise with a psycho, ain’t nobody got time for that. :peanuts::hamburger:


Logged in for the first time in a long time and I’m flabbergasted to see the place overrun with Covid stuff.


It has been a big issue around the world in the last 24 months. With massive implications for economies, life and even the property market (e.g. death of the city centres v working from home).

It would be remiss not to discuss it


Well as all the central banks have just printed trillions and trillions of dollars / euros etc for the last 18 months completely destroying all traditional macro and microeconomics as understood for the last 200 years not a lot else to talk about. There is no pricing signal left. None. So massive mis allocation of economic resources.

I’ve been reading old news magazines / watching old newscasts from the mid 1960’s onwards to remind myself what the last lead into a high inflation / no growth severely disrupted economy was like. I remember it as a kid from 1968 onwards. Its going to get really really shit in the coming years. We are still only at 1966…

The other thing is ThePin started up because of the total lack of informed or even honest media cover of the bubble that lead to the crash in 2008. ThePin is mostly Covid discussions for the very same reason. Because there is absolutely no honest or accurate coverage of the subject in the Irish media.

As for property prices looks like we are heading for a crash even bigger than 2008 / 2012. But this time it will not be in nominal price which due to inflation will keep going up. It will be in volume collapse and time taken to sell. Just like the in 1980’s. Prices kept going up due to inflation but transaction volume was minimal. After all the zero mortgage money has been absorbed and all the flippers run out of cash. Which might be a while yet as the Central Bankers keep printing cash.

The whole continuing Covid hysteria has been a very convenient distraction from the fact that the politicians have collapsed large parts of the pre 2020 economy. Lots of it wont be coming back. But as long as the Covid hysteria can be kept going…


Any suggestions of “old news magazines / watching old newscasts” to have a look at? I wasn’t around the last time it happened


If you could get access to The Sunday Times or Irish Times archive that is a pretty good source. Same goes for the Economist. There are a whole bunch of the Economist vols in the Internet Archive but not much for the mid 60’s to mid 70’s. If you use google to search through the internet archive, not using the IA search page, you will find lots of real gems. Found a complete run of The New Yorker than way. About 5000 issues. All nicely scanned in different resolutions. Lots of other goodies in various nooks and crannies.

I’ve been mainly looking through US stuff so Time magazine, Life, New Yorker etc. Not much TV newscasts from that era from the UK but there are quite a few from the US networks. There are many dozens of whole episode network evening news news casts from 1966 onwards on youtube. The CBS ones and NBC ones are very good. ABC hit and miss in the 1960’s. Only came into its own in the 1980’s when CBS tanked. The coverage of 1968 is pretty through. The year from hell. You can see the tone and often outright despair develop as its one terrible event after another. First the assassination of Marin Luther King, then Bobby Kennedy, the catastrophe of the Democratic Convention. Plus all the terrible events in the outside world. Not just Vietnam war and the Tet fiasco. At least the year ended on a good note with Apollo 8.

You will find lots more US news and news analysis programmes on youtube for the 1970’s. Inflation was a constant story since 1966/67 but it was the Oil Crisis in 1973 that kicked it into high gear. They are all US news as UK news videos on youtube are very spotty until the early 1980’s. Which catches the tail end of the second oil crisis of 1979 and the brutal recession of the early 1980’s.

Some guy put up a great collection of RTE videos on youtube a few years ago. Lots of old stuff even from the 1980’s and 1970’s. Some 1960’s stuff too. Typically the worthless tossers in Montrose got it taken down.


495k for a mobile home in Wicklow…yes, we are the top!
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I’m shivering just looking at it.

A Portuguese villa is better value and a bit warmer too.


The Pin simply being “against the grain” is a complete misunderstanding of the original impetus of the forum. The original bubble was clearly ludicrous and this was easily demonstrable. At the time, going against the narrative was seen as madness but most of the people posting here were fairly sober individuals posting actual evidence.

A quick scan of the forum shows threads touting Ivermectin for Covid treatment, anti vaxxers, anti-lockdown. It’s gone full Gemma.

Stuff like this makes it very easy for neo-tiger types to rewrite the narrative and dismiss the original Pin as a bunch of cranks.


Magically you think the same establishment that progressively destroyed the country and drove it into bankruptcy in 2009 is now trustworthy & competent. Was there a particular moment in the period between 2010 and 2020 that swung your opinion - is Eamon Ryan 2.0 a better cabinet minister than Eamon Ryan 1.0 ? Has Michéal Martin grown in your estimation?