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The 00s crash was a Chapter, the wider issues discussed here are the Volume.


Every UK General Election in the UK since 1955 has been shown on BBC Parliament and is up on YouTube.
1955 is limited to an hour or two, but from 1964 on they are virtually complete programmes that contain little nuggets of social and political history.

The 1964 election count (Richard Dimbleby’s last) came on air just as news was breaking that Khrushchev was being ousted from power, and all the way through the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s you see contemporary accounts of Sterling’s struggles, the NI Troubles, Britain’s tentative entry into the EEC, stagflation, the rise and fall of union power and the complete triumph of Thatcherism that led into Blair/Brown.


I do?
Where did I say that?


Well just like pre 2008 and afterwards the information here has been far more timely and far more accurate than 99% of the information published in the Irish media. Just like per 2008 and afterwards a lot of very guilty politicians and special interests wanted to hide their criminal incompetent since the very beginning. And just like 2008 ThePin will be proved essential correct on this subject just like it was in 2008.

We have discussed here on several occasions that not one single pre 2020 national pandemic plan in Western countries even mentions lock down. In any form. You will find no mention of lockdowns in any of the pre 2020 public health literature regarding pandemic response. Because they do not work. Any discussion of this in the Irish media?. Anywhere? In the last 18 months.

We discussed here starting in February 2020 the fact that the most likely source of SARs CoV 2 was a lab escape. Any mention in the Irish media in the past 18 month of this subject was always in the context of crazy conspiracy theories. Now the western government are unofficial confirming, yes it was a lab release. Of a engineered virus deliberately designed to infect humans

We discussed here starting in February 2020 the complete inappropriateness of using RT/PCR tests as a “COVID” test in a low prevalence clinical setting and how it was medical malpractice to use it use it as a screening test. To give you an idea of just how fraudulent those daily “new COVID case” numbers published every day are, by the RT/PCR protocols used by March 2020, at least 90% of those daily numbers have no medical validity. None. Hell, the guy invented the PCR process said loudly on multiply occasion that his test should never very be used in exactly the way it has been since March 2020.

And as I have pointed out on many occasion - there is not one single public health or vaccinology argument for not only the vaccination policy or more importantly the complete untested vaccines used. Yet any discussion of this subject in the Irish media is always anyone who even asks the question - show us the sceince on which this is based - is labeled a foaming at the mouth crazy loon.

And so on and so on.

What we are living through is the biggest and most destructive outbreak of mass hysteria in the modern era. Back in pre 2008 the bullshit in the media and from the politicians was mostly self serving putting the best spin on what was happening. Since March 2020 everything you have seen published in the Irish MSM has been an outright lie mostly told by people either too stupid to understand what was going on or too scred to even admit just what a catastrophic situation they have created.

So ThePin might seem a bit bizarre and totally off message after the constant deluge of media and government hysterical brainwashing of the last 18 month but just like 2008, this site has proved to be pretty much the only Irish media of any form that had anything like a sane and informed discussion on what has been happened.

Thats how shit the Irish media has been. Which pretty much goes for the whole anglophone MSM. There has been at least some more balanced coverage of differing opinions in countries like France. Maybe it might have to do with my age but growing up in teh 1970’s and 1980’s the equation with the Irish media on any subject the current ruling class had invested lots of political capital in was: RTE - complete and total lies. Always. ; Irish Press and Irish Independent - complete and total lies. Always. Irish Times: the truth some times got out. The only change in the last 40 plus years is that the IT is now the biggest bullshiter of the lot.

So just like in 2008 history will prove ThePin right in the long run. At a terrible cost to all the people who believed the official bullshit. There will be no trial of the guilty in Ireland, there never are, but I am going to do my small bit to make sure at least some of these worthless fuckers in some other countries will have to answer in a court of law for the utter catastrophe they have created.


Yeah. I watched all those. Have them in hardcopy. A fascinating watch. They also did a great 1959 election retrospective with a bunch of the current affairs programmes… There are also archive copies of episode of Panorama from the 1950’s and 1960’s and Man Alive from the 1960’s and 1970’s that are very interesting. There are quite a few on youtube but if you hang out on some of the old telly programme sites some real gems come up. In much better resolution than youtube. A few as clean as the original 405 broadcast. Which was much higher quality than most of the archive footage indicates.


@jmc is actually correct, oh and it was always seen as a bunch of cranks.


The mass die offs from the vaccine and the poisoning substances to be released into our environment will have some impact on the properties.
Quite possibly the Vanguard and Blackrock operations are to cover the excess stock hitting the markets.


I remember our little protest outside the Dail - was it 2007, 2008? So long ago - I kinda just lurked on the sidelines then though :no_mouth: