2Pack will call the bottom now!


Looks like we’ve reached peak Dermot Bannon homes.

End of the ‘doer-upper’: rising cost of renovations cripples demand for ageing homes
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The American denial of poverty and hunger. What will the shutdown lockout do to people and the American economy, Wall Street denial of a problem with no pay checks. Has America run out of money! Are the wealthy just hoarding money.


7 Eden Park in Glasthule

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thats a nice house but there is basically no garden which will limit its appeal to be fair.


Eden Park is in a great location but I would say of all the period locations in the general DL area it is probably the one with the most potential to scare off potential buyers. That is in addition to the tiny back gardens.


If they get their asking, they will have a handy 45K. profit. Whatever they spent on the en-suite was probably less than a year’s rent. But it’s a delicate balance - Brexit could Wrexit.


Have to factor in 2% stamp duty, and then add on legal/EA’s fees…if they get asking they will probably be lucky to break even…though they did save on the rent…


CSO Residential Property Price Index – Jan 2019 figures are out

cso.ie/en/releasesandpublic … nuary2019/

Dublin houses at

-1.3% monthly change
-2.6% quarterly change
2.3% annual change


Also on their third monthly dip in a row and steepening.


Mmmm, Close to peak then we are. But prices are still rising in most of the country so a Dublin peak is not a peak …except in Dublin.