2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT



Mixed messages from the Fun Police.

No Drinkie in, No Drinkie out. No, No, No.






Sources involved in the vaccine rollout have said failure to substantially use much of the 600,000 J&J shots would limit the ability to hit Government-mandated targets for the programme for the end of June.


All your Variant belong to Us.

Just when you thought you could relax the kacks:

Terrific Terrifier Tony pops up like a comic book villain to ruin your already rain sodden weekend, with another dire warning message.

“This is to be expected as restrictions lift. However, the data also reveal that these increases are much stronger among people who have been vaccinated.

“Most people who are not yet vaccinated are continuing to be cautious. Our data are consistent with the majority of people waiting until they are vaccinated before increasing their activity again.”

Marketing research tells us consumer confidence rises when given a pretend vaccine.

Placebo be all like “stick your mRNA up your arse!”.


Variant Menace.

Maybe someone can confirm this - In India they scare the peeps with the UK variant. In Ireland they scare the peeps with the India Variant (before the UK, then Brazil). In Brazil they scare the peeps with the UK variant, on and on.


Tony (or Dr. Turd) drops one or more in the Punch Bowl

Dr Tony Holohan said data from Public Health England, due to be published later today, is likely to show a decrease in effectiveness of the vaccine in prevention of transmission of this variant, after the 1st dose.

Dr Holohan said: "In broad terms you could characterise the virus here at the moment as, for the most part, the sky is blue but there is a black cloud on the horizon which is the Indian variant."

“We are concerned genuinely about the reports we have received and the credibility we attach to them around the increased transmissibility associated with that particular variant,” he said.

He said said some of the data collated in the UK has shown “a possibility” that the variant could be 50% more transmissible than the B117 variant.


Some people see the lack of concern Mr. T and his Merry Band of Nphets have for a self-spreading vaccine that needs variants as plausible cover story to obscure the bio-weapon capability, as a clear indicator and welcome development that Dr T & Co are no conspiracy theorists


Pakistan is currently worried about the UK variant, I think Germany might be choosing UK as their variant of concern too…


The Hall, En-suite and Pantry will be off limits for a limited period.

…Meanwhile, it has been revealed that eight people in Ireland have developed a serious allergic reaction after taking a Pfizer or Moderna Covid vaccine.

Sounds like “life threatening”, i.e. perhpas they nearly died in the injection chambers.

The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) received a number of reports of the condition, called anaphylaxis.

It has said only eight are classified as cases and all patients have recovered.Less than five were also associated with low platelets, according to the medicines watchdog.

They were all under 40 and got the condition after their first dose and they have been discharged from hospital.

“known” by WHO?

Dr Denis McCauley, from the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO), said these reactions are known side-effects of mRNA vaccines.

Down goes the IMO with the rest.


IMO :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Death Hesitancy - Infertility Hesitancy - Adverse Reaction Hesitancy.

Covid vaccine hesitancy is trending downwards in Ireland with just four per cent of the population planning to refuse a vaccine, according to the latest tracker survey.

…The survey found vaccine hesitancy to be highest among the younger cohort of those aged 25 to 34.


File this under:

“100% of the people surveyed in our survey said they would agree to be surveyed.”



Interior Minister Karl Nehammer commented on the raids, saying: “It is hard to believe what was being tried here by corona deniers. Thanks to meticulous investigative work, these criminal networks have been unmasked. The perpetrators must be punished with the full force of the rule of law.”


Fully Failed

Apply the spurious and fully bogus “fully vaccinated” standard per the teachings of the Global Covidian Cults, Regime enablers and Corporate Sorcerers, the current rate stands at a painfully abysmal 13.2% have received both hits of the weapon.



Year 3

Amid the jibber jabber

Meanwhile, the Minister for Health has said that the wearing of masks in crowded places could still be required in autumn and early winter.

Running into late Winter aka year 3 or 2022.

Stephen Donnelly was speaking during a Seanad debate to extend emergency public health powers until 9 November.

The powers allow for Covid-19 restrictions to be quickly reimposed at any stage.

He said that while the country is ahead of the best case scenario presented a few months ago, the virus is at a precarious stage.

Makey up nonsense unless the “virus” is read as a metaphor, but for what… ah for what indeed! :whistle:

Mr Donnelly said it would be sometime yet before a sufficient number of people are fully vaccinated.

But he said unimpeded international travel for those who are vaccinated is on the cards and Government will, he hoped, allow this to happen within the EU green certificate system as quickly as possible.

However, the extension of the emergency powers all the way to November was questioned by some in the Government parties.

The truth is going to be a harder sell this time round since the injection roll out is not working out as planned. Turns out people aint’ a stoopid as the lying liars on the telly screen. People like their inalienable freedoms. They like their bodily integrity and exercise their “thank you but no thanks” right as they see fit.

However you can not ignore the Regime is not stepping down from Rick Astley protocol level 11.


3rd Year Of Lockdowns Confirmed

Two days later “breaking news” have what you already knew reading the previous post of 2 days ago, if the topic title wasn’t already a give-away, or perhpas you are basking in the extended free trial of permanent lockdown? :whistle:

(Donnelly) He added: “We do need these emergency powers to unwind the measures that are currently in place in an orderly and sustainable way.

“I feel that allowing one further extension of no more than three months is justified and proportionate.

“If we do find ourselves in the position, which we all dearly hope not to be in, whereby we need some targeted public health measures beyond February of next year, we will introduce another Bill and put it through the safeguards that the legislative process provides.”

In other news. Plywood prices and lumber in general are to the moon!

Must be all those walls closing in etc. etc. :ninja:


They need the emergency powers to keep vaccinating.

Conditional marketing authorisation only. Risk:benefit in a declared pandemic.

No emergency, ? no legal basis or authorisation for vaccinations?


Yes perhaps that’s exactly it. Perhaps if that is really exactly it, it would explain why a wait & see approach is a political no show.

Aside from the enormity of the social, moral, ethical, political and economic implications. It would I presume mean overnight nullification and voiding of all the theatrical cos-play and new-religious observances to go about your day, think how disruptive this would be for people to have to adapt to their old ways of being free, then the cat would be well and truly out of the bag.

Not forgetting, there is the dreaded vista of a predicted ADE winter massacre, which could then be blamed on intergalactic alien mutant variant and why we’ll never leave lockdown ever ever ever unable to join our star brothers and sisters in the sky.


Actually it more to do with legal liability down the line. No state of emergency then the government is liable for all harm done by vaccines given after end of state of emergency. While in a state of emergency they have some legal liability wriggle room.

So even if it is only the last 10% of the population vaccinated population after the end of the state of emergency and the eventual block settlement for all the health damage done to the vaccinated is pretty low a few 10K’s euro, the total cost to the state will quickly get into NAMA-land levels of money.

Looking at the recent adverse response mortality numbers from other countries the total number of deaths due to the SARs CoV 2 vacine must already be in the 1200 to 1400 range. And will probably top out around low 2,000’s. The claims just fro those death will run a couple of billion just by themselves. Quite separate from the probable low 10k’s of non fatal long term effects.

For reference the number of excess deaths due to SARs Cov2 viral pneumonia that were not substitute cause deaths might top 1000. Maybe. In the typical three year time frame from these novel viruses to establish themselves in the general population.


Is that for Ireland or Europe?


Just Ireland. The Europe numbers are well over 10K and some countries are very slow reporting deaths. It around 5K in VAERS in the US this week and as VAERS has about a 80%/90% historical under count rate so multiply by about 8x at least.

So thats 50k/60k range so far. In US, UK and EU. Mostly from immediate adverse effects. At least 50% are very old frail people but at least 25% of the US number now is under 50.

Add in the usual 50/50 rule, 50% immediate, 50% long term, then final toll be probably be in the 100K plus range.

The final take up will be about the same as the annual flu shot. Which kills maybe a one or two hundred worldwide every year. Almost all very high risk people in very poor health.


Then it appears, if I read your words correctly, more people are presently dying from the injections than any virus in Ireland.

Is this correct?

The current combined reported figure for USA/Europe is running close to 17,000 dead, apply all the other mitigating factors and that figure may gain a zero or more.