2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT



Sinn Fein be a like SURGE’n n’shit

Back in April

PP Asset pre-positioned. Magic Polls be magicked and shit they been sitting on for over a decade suddenly appears in the media who report only what they are told, is it this easy?

It emerged that members of Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, the Green Party and Sinn Féin previously polled the public during elections, while hiding the fact they worked for a political party.

This Menace rearranges it’s island UNIPARTY pawns to retain control and maintain the llusory Constitutional Republic.

Politics has become much like whole sectors of the food industry since the GFA on the island. You have multiple brands of cornflakes, they are all made in the same factory, but they have different packaging and differing marketing campaigns, but whatever you choose, you always get cornflaksky comrade, they all perform equally as bad on contact with milk and if you do not clean out the bowl regularly and often, they stick so hard they are virtually impossible to remove from the surface of your bowl.

Time for the people to do some political porridge for a change, or it’s gonna be Pop Tart Rainbows suing their parent to cut off their awkward floppy bits and then it’s just plain old porridge for those parents.


Denmark’s government has struck a deal with all but one of the parties in parliament to on Monday end the requirement to wear a face mask in all areas apart from on public transport.

Under [the agreement], struck after 3am following marathon all-night negotiations, the requirement to wear a face mask will be scrapped completely from October 1st.

The coronavirus health pass or coronapas will also begin to be phased out from Monday, when those visiting public libraries and participating in activities run by clubs and voluntary organisations will no longer be required to show one.

From August 1st, a valid coronapas will no longer be needed in theaters, concert venues, indoor sports activities, and a wide range of other venues, from September 1st, you will no longer need to show one in restaurants, the hairdresser or the gym, and on October 1st the pass will be phased out completely.



A person who refuses to surrender a password for a mobile phone or other device to gardaí will be committing a crime and could face up to five years in prison and a fine of up to €30,000 under new legislation being unveiled on Monday.

The move comes as more crime has migrated online where it is carried out on phones, computers and other devices protected by personal logins.

Garda sources told The Irish Times the pandemic had accelerated the commission of large numbers of crimes, including minor offences such as low-value drugs transactions, on messaging apps as in-person contact became restricted.

They believed that trend would remain long after the pandemic and that the new power was vital to strengthen Garda searches to include access to mobile phones and other devices.

Security sources said the person refusing to surrender their password would have to be a suspect in a crime and trying to obstruct the investigation of that core offence before they would be convicted over the password refusal.

Password refusal

The new Bill will create the specific new criminal offence of password refusal and the most serious cases would be tried in indictment, before a judge and jury, where the most severe sanctions would apply.

However, even in less serious cases where passwords were not supplied, a person could still be summarily prosecuted. On conviction that would carry a sanction of up to 12 months imprisonment and a fine of up to €5,000.

The general scheme of the Garda Síochána (Powers) Bill, to be published by Minister for Justice Heather Humphreys on Monday, will also for the first time oblige gardaí to make a written record in every case when they stop and search a person.

Under the new Bill, gardaí will also have the power to arrest and detain a person until the name and other identity details they have supplied to gardaí are verified as genuine. They will also be given new powers to stop and search vehicles, with random stops to be allowed when child abduction or human trafficking cases were being investigated.

Dedicated topic here: New Bill - Garda powers to access phones, devices


Gotta front run he Delta Wave

CBC British Columbia @cbcnewsbc

Unvaccinated Canadians are a ‘tinderbox’ that threatens Canada more than variants, experts say


Shall we see same media run opinions for Ireland, Uk and others to round up the heretics?



Hey Rona, give us a wave.


The Delta Wave sure sounds like COVID-21 (as per Candain leaked roadmap), how can we forget the:

COVID-21 Movie

Anyone watched it or do you think the LARP is more convincing? :popcorn:

How can we forget the Atlantic told us C-19 was different now:

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic may drag on for years, but the nightmare of last year—of an entirely new viral illness, emerging in a specific sociopolitical context—is behind us. Instead we’re facing a new set of challenges, and they are not easily comparable to what has come before. It’s worth considering a new way of thinking about the period of the pandemic now ahead of us—one that leads us neither to complacency nor to paralyzing despair. In many ways COVID-19 is already over. What lies ahead is COVID-21.

Then, this (app graphic) allegedly appeared on German TV:

COIVD-21 is Delta Wave


Countdown to Delta Wave Ireland


Summer is HOT

Ahem, the public mood in the UK exemplified by this video (here) might be informing the tussle in the bought and paid for Irish media today.

Ireland is after all a much smaller place that the UK.


Dramatic DELTA - Tsunami Incoming

“We’re changing the rules of travel from the UK to try and hold it back as long as possible and get as many vaccines out”

I dunno is it just me who has these images of people throwing themselves at needles in a WWZ zombie style, the drama, the running down the clock, capture the flag tension, will we do it, we must do it, will me make it, we will do whatever it takes, it’s all hands on deck, the Delta wave must be stopped at all costs!


Facemasks forever, WFH, self-isolation and travel quarantine to stay, and MORE restrictions in winter? Leaked Step 4 document reveals how ‘new normal’ could look even AFTER July 19 Freedom Day - despite 60 MPs voting against the delay

  • Boris Johnson is facing the prospect of a damaging revolt by dozens of MPs in crucial lockdown vote tonight
  • Government all-but guaranteed victory as Labour is backing the move but opposition seems to be growing
  • Leaked Whitehall document has suggested that a number of restriction will stay even after new July 19 date



So… if you’ve any concerns about taking the vaccine - it’s because you’re a bit stupid. According to this study - which was (drum roll please) funded by The Department of Health.


No mention of indemnity?

Surprised we have a nudge unit here at the ERSI.

All paid for with the tax payers money.
The nudge-men look like what you might get if your crossed a pickup artist with a marketer and a statistician. Creepy bastards, IMO.


The lads in the trenches were nudging bullets and bombs back and forth to each other of a fashion, so yea, I guess the difference is these modern day bullet nudgers seem yet to have met a nudge back of equal or more force, so they may look like the cheapest bullet nudgers in history, so far. :whistle:


A Boosty Bonus.

My favourite part of this latest one from Paul Reid head of the collapsed HSE, is not that so many, so many people have been duped into forever injecting themselves with synthetic foreign non-human mRNA, no, it’s how he reveals the magical “vaccines” do not work.

“We have what we call… an enhanced tracing process in place, so if we detect a variant [of concern]… we do increased contact tracing — so in some cases where we might not deem a person as being a close contact, if it’s a case of a variant, we would deem a lot more people close contacts.


Mania+ Forever+

The mania must keep going. Here is their plan. Here is the plan of the maniacs, in case you forgot.


They are planning right now. They are telling you their plans as always in advance. The plans to complete the job and destroy the past. Steal the future.

IF they require their emergency legalisation to keep up with injecting the population with magical experimental genetic shots, then the emergency legislation is guaranteed for 2022 and beyond.

Looks like they are hoping to run this politico-propagando configuration until 2023 when they probably hope to have a gerrymandered Approval. Then they can be seen to move to full mandatory tyranny with a kind of moral and procedural immunity type blessing. Wrap up by 2025. Destroy those or excommunicate the vaccine-deniers from the upgraded-digital-fiat-slave system.

'Course something may happen before then to de-rail this hell plan for the world.

Meanwhile in the US it’s over.




Archived link: https://archive.is/P6Qn3

Godfrey gets it! :dipso:


Congraduations You are Free

This is so true… People in blue states are living in some kind of dystopian nightmare, while people in red states are just living their life like normal with no masks, restrictions, etc.


Src: https://twitter.com/DJcalligraphy/status/1403485502078996483


Very funny article in the San Francisco Chron. Masks no longer required but most people still wearing them. For political reasons. And group think conformity.

Was not surprised that Rainbow Grocery had the highest percentage of sheep wearing masks. Goes with their oh so progressive customers. Always been easily the most unpleasant stand-offish supermarket in SF if you did not look like them or dress like them. With Whole Food a close second. Basically richer sheep.



ISAG Operatives still at large in the MSM

I think the game here is apart from gobbling up Saul Alinsky rules for radicals and some marketing 101 schtick.

I think their roll is very clear, they are there to provide the extremist position delivered via the facade of a respectable scientific face (mask) in the permanent hegelian terrorist campaign. Holohan might also find himself cast in this extremist roll too when it becomes politically expedient.

There are now about 20 operatives in the ISAG group. Often not easily spotted, with usually their professional credentials.

While it would be nice to see ISAG as a group get ZERO airtime, but that would be extreme and censorial and we could not have that no.